simply slick personal lubricating lotion

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 7, 2014


by Danielle

It’s encouraging to find that more and more products are being formulated for women’s sexual needs that are also health conscious. After all, why wouldn’t you want the products you apply to your most sensitive skin areas to be as organic as the foods you put into your body? 

Simply Slick Personal Lubricating Lotion ($24.95) is a personal lubricating lotion made with certified organic castor oil, jojoba oil and vegetable glycerin. It is free of parabens, hormones, petroleum and silicones. It is also antimicrobial and PH balanced to aid in moisturizing. And while it is also unscented, it does contain Stevia, which adds a touch of sweetness for your partner.

Simply Slick comes in an attractive, deep blue, 2-oz plastic bottle with a push-top cap.  The packaging claims it is “concentrated, so a little goes a long way.” When I applied a drop between my fingers and moved it around, I found this claim to be questionable, since the consistency was fairly tacky, which made me want to apply more product in order to facilitate less drag. My suspicions were confirmed upon using it for intercourse. I found that it did not particularly enhance glide-ability.

Like all “personal” products of this nature, however, everyone’s needs and preferences are highly individual. Since I am a post-menopausal woman with issues relating to painful intercourse, I’m looking for a product that will make me feel like my partner has entered me on a water slide. This product may be fine for someone looking for a lubricant that actually adds some added sensation to the equation. But it certainly doesn’t feel lubricating.

The last ingredient listed on the bottle, is something called “Optiflo.” I suspect this is some sort of proprietary formula, however there’s no data available as to what this is, and it does not inspire confidence. 

The other critique I have is that I can’t imagine that a 2-oz. bottle of any product, concentrated or not, wouldn’t disappear fast if used regularly. At about $24.95 a bottle, it doesn’t seem like a good value.