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Simply Venom Day Cream


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Paraben and fragrance free


No anti-aging effects
February 13, 2018 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Could work for someone younger than late 60s

By Susan D

When I received the email saying Simply Venom Day Cream ($59 in the shop) was to be tested, I replied immediately and was extremely pleased that I was able to be a tester. My first time. My face and neck had great hopes for this product.

As a preface: I am in my very late 60’s, very active and according to others look really good ‘for my age’. My skin is fine pored, on the dry side and a little sensitive but not overly wrinkly.

What did I want this product to do?  I wanted it to help tighten or firm and support the elasticity in my face and neck. I used Simply Venom Day Cream according to instructions and used it every morning after gentle cleansing. On the third day I found it gave me a profound tightening feeling - kind of like egg white that drys. However that was the only time that happened. I was happy and hoped that that reaction would be a regular occurrence. It was not.

I had no negative reactions to this product. I cannot say the product was beneficial for me or not. Perhaps over a longer period of time and in conjunction with night cream and other products the results would have been beneficial. For me, I am sorry to say it was a non-event.

Personally I like products that are non invasive and on the natural side which over all I think Simply Venom Day cream is. As a lay person reading the ingredient list, I could not work out the venom but then realized the SYNOX-MD 8% is a proprietary blend of a number  of ingredients that is supposed to tighten skin and build collagen in a way mimicking the effect of venom. PYF (purified yeast delivery system), sounds good and it, along with the other ingredients appear to work to make a good free moving cream. Synthetic peptides are supposed to decrease wrinkle size, can’t say mine did in four weeks of the trial. I avoid parabens like the plague and definitely like that it is 100% paraben free, free of fragrance and colors.  

I liked using Simply Venom but for me, with only a four week trial of a day cream and at my stage in life, it did not deliver. I think Simply Venom is a good product overall and would recommend it for younger persons and would suggest trying both day and night for a better trial.

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