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SimySkin Exfoliating Scrub Review

SimySkin Exfoliating Scrub
July 23, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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A scrub for soft and velvety skin


Gentle but effective crushed amber does the scrubbing



by Sandy

I am in my early 50s, with fairly normal skin, not overly sensitive, a little oily in the T-zone.  I’ve been following TIA since 2010 and have learned many things about skincare and skincare products that I continue to incorporate into my regimen to this day, with visible results.  I get wonderful compliments on my skin, and people always think I look at least 10 years younger than I am.  Thanks, TIA!

This Exfoliating Scrub ($40) is designed to address clogged pores and broken-out skin (SimySkin also has an Ultra Fine Scrub).  I’ve used a number of scrubs over the years; I expected this one to be similar.  For the most part, it is, in that it’s a thick lotion with granules suspended in it.  I really wasn’t expecting much more.  But I’m very impressed with the entire product, both the scrub and the emollient lotion delivery system.

Unlike the majority of scrubs I’ve used, this one doesn’t feel rough and sandpaper-like.  It’s actually a pleasant friction, and I feel like I can use it over my entire face and not have to avoid areas that are more sensitive. 

I used it at night, one-three times a week.  The scrub recommends two days in between uses. My face didn’t feel tight and irritated afterwards, and my skin wasn’t red and blotchy. I didn’t notice the scent.

The scrub is crushed amber.  In my research, amber is used for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s facilitation of tissue regeneration and healing.  I’ve not heard of crushed amber being used for this type of thing, so this is very new and interesting for me. 

The substrate for the crushed amber is rich and substantial.  It’s thick and feels really good on my skin. The SimySkin site says there is a blend of “seven natural oils” in this product (jojoba, lemon, pink grapefruit, lime, litsea, mandarin, and sweet orange).  It incorporates grapefruit oil “a rich antioxidant, that treats oily and blemished prone skin” and phytic acid, “an antioxidant that aids in healing inflamed skin and brightens the complexion”.  Phytic acid is also new to me.  It’s a natural plant antioxidant found in bran, cereal, and fruit seeds, also known as phytate. It’s used in the skin care industry as a skin lightening agent and works by blocking iron and copper in the formation of melanin.  Skin blemishes can cause skin discoloration, as I’ve personally experienced, so this scrub is doing more than one thing, to be sure.

The ingredients list also points out what is not in this product:  “parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, soap, sulfate”.

Even though I don’t have a significant problem with breakouts, I enjoyed this product and will continue to use it.  My skin feels soft and velvety, and it looks very even in color and tone.  It gets five stars out of five on the website; I’d give it five as well.  At $40 for a 3 oz. tube, I’d say it’s on the average side of pricing for a boutique skincare product.  But a little can go a long way, and it’s not used more than three times a week, so I could see this lasting for two-three months. 

  • July 23, 2015

    by Lucy

    A great skin care product with great ingredients for Skin Exfoliating. I am very excited to use this products along with my other skin care. I am using Green herb skin peel for Exfoliating my skin naturally.

    Can you please provide me more detail about this product so that I can buy and use try this?

    Thank you for introducing such a great product.

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