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SimySkin Intensive Ultra Lift Neck Serum Phase II 45+ Review

simyskin intensive ultra lift neck serum phase ii 45+
September 23, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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An effective neck serum for those willing to pay for it


Absorbs quickly, tightens skin and smoothes wrinkles


Packaging is hard to read, a little pricey

by Margaret Willis

I thought SimySkin Intensive Ultra Lift Neck Serum Phase II 45+ ($85) would be a good choice for me because I recently turned 61 and have dry and somewhat sensitive skin. All through my life, I prefer using "treatment" skincare products over "appearance" products. In other words, something that works over time is preferable to something that is just a quick, temporary patch, such as a three minute wrinkle remover.

I also thought it would be a good choice for me because I've only used and liked one other product for the neck and décolleté. It seems hard to find products that work successfully in that area, at least for me. A product would have a fairly high bar to meet in order for me to be satisfied with its performance. I discontinued using my regular product and substituted this item for it, using it in the morning and evening, one to two pumps.

The first thing I noticed about the product is that the lettering on the box was somewhat difficult to read, being that it was a light orange in color and the lettering was white. It wasn't impossible, but a little more color contrast would have been helpful, especially for the back of the box, with the ingredient details. I actually needed a jewelery loupe in order to read the ingredients.

There were a few items that were unfamiliar to me, but I found the definitions on TIA. One was pullulan and the other was ubiquinone. Some of the other ingredients were familiar because I'm into essential oils, such as carrot extract (I have a bottle myself and it's excellent for aging skin).

I focused more on the performance of the product. Every three to four days I would observe the neck/décolleté area for any subtle (or obvious) changes — the obvious changes being any allergic reaction, which I did not have.

I noticed the product had a good smell to it and was not offensive or overpowering. It also had a pleasant texture, although if too much was used, it tended to create a pulpy feeling on my skin.

One of the best features of this product is that it absorbs very quickly, leaves no residue and no sticky feeling, as long as the proper amount is used. Some anti-aging products are thick and greasy, often blocking pores and causing the skin to sweat. I didn't notice that at all with this product. After drying, I noticed a slight firming/tight sensation in the area where the product was applied. This made me feel like it was working! 

That area of my neck began to feel softer and tighter before it began to actually look better. After approximately three weeks of use, I began to notice fewer creases/wrinkles, more firmness and only a few slight, normal creases in that area after four weeks. Of course, when one is 60+ years old, there will always be some wrinkles, regardless of what product is used.   

The only negative factors about this product would be the packaging and the price. As I mentioned to someone the other day, when I spend nearly three digits on something I have to think long and hard about it, doing a great deal of research.

In summary, I would definitely purchase this product if the price was somewhat less, but I was very satisfied with the results using it as directed.

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