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SimySkin Micro Exfoliating Toner Review

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Dull Skin, Large Pores, Sensitive Skin
SimySkin Micro Exfoliating Toner
June 10, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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An exfoliating toner suitable for sensitive skin


Exfoliates, cleans and shrinks pores



by Julie J.

I have very sensitive skin but I have always loved toners!  Just knowing they are refreshing my skin and helping get rid of all the makeup and any lingering nasties has always endeared them to me. The trouble as you get older is finding one to fit the need — most are way over the top and cause such dryness. I am a lover of witch hazel but at times you need a bit more so when given the opportunity to try SimySkin Micro Exfoliating Toner ($40) I jumped at it. 

I am a huge fan of Simy Skin products. They are honest and true and they just make good stuff so that added to the thrill of trying something new. Plus TIA is always so helpful with letting me know about products that work for sensitive skin so was hopeful this was a good match for me as anyone with sensitive skin knows exfoliating scrubs wreak havoc and most simply should be avoided. So to find an exfoliator in the toner was going to be a game changer for me.

This is one determined product. A cursory look at the ingredients and you know it’s a powerhouse set to clean your pores and keep them that way. The alpha hydroxy acids — glycolic, lactic and citric (provided via grapefruit peel oil), along with a beta hydroxy acid — salicylic, work together to clean out pores and slough away skin cells, leaving behind a glow to your skin instead of flaking.

The many other ingredients at work in this clear bottle include amino acids. Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins that help repair body tissue. Amino acids are classified into three groupings: essential, non-essential and conditional. Simy Skin’s Micro Exfoliating Toner draws from all three types. It has the essential amino acids lysine and threonine, along with the nonessential amino acids alanine and glutamic acid. The conditional amino acids this toner provides are from arginine, glutamine, proline, and sorbitol serine. 

The bottle cautions that first time users must slowly build tolerance before using daily and I would underline this and tell users to take heed — especially anyone who uses a retinol product. I thought my skin was up to the test and began using it with a heavy hand twice a day and I paid the price, but it was my own fault. When I cut back and worked up to it as recommended this product proved to be a miracle worker for cleaning and reducing my pores and with no flakes! I have especially noticed a huge improvement under my bottom lip where I have some very stubborn areas that do not appreciate lip products of any kind. 

I would highly recommend this product for those looking for a product that will do what it says — exfoliates and cleans pores.  And for those with sensitive skin this will definitely do what a scrub product does without the damage!

  • June 13, 2016

    by Marta

    Thank you for the review Julie. Some might fear the alcohol denat as drying, so it is good to know that wasn't your experience.

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