simyskin phase ii eye serum

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on February 10, 2016


by Kai W.

I am in my 40s with combination skin. What I  expected from SimySkin Phase II Eye Serum 25-45 ($85 in the shop) to that it will help make the area around my eye look younger. I do have dark circles and bags under my eyes and visible lines that starting to show.

SimySkin Phase II Eye Serum comes in a 1.0 oz pump which is a surprise. Usually eye creams, gels, and serum comes in a .5 oz jar/bottle/pump. I did have some difficulty using the pump but after 3-5 minutes, I figured where the pressure should be apply to the pump.

The serum is light and very absorbent. The product did work very well when the weather is normal (temperature being under 80 degree) or hot/humid. The good news is that the product doesn't leave the greasy feeling around the eye. However when the weather is humid, the effect doesn't last very long. That is probably due to perspiring. There are moments when I'm home, I have to apply the product again instead of applying the product twice a day. I was worried that if I use the product more than twice a day, my eyes might be irritated, but my eyes are fine.

The sertum contains many beneficial anti-agers including moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, antioxidant ubiquinone (aka CoQ10), folic acid to support healthy DNA, several peptides and vitamin B12, which is featured in several SimySkin products.

Overall, SimySkin Phase II Eye Serum did make the areas around my eyes a bit youthful and did help in decreasing the appearance of bags under my eyes. It didn't irritated my eyes, which I was surprised by. From time to time I do have those in-the-eye accidents when apply moisturizers and/or make-up to my face. I am amazed that the ingredients of the product are quite gentle to the areas around the eyes should those mishaps occur.

As for the price of SimySkin Phase II Eye Serum, it is very reasonable and competitive to other products in this category.