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SimySkin Soothing Toner Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin
simyskin soothing toner
November 25, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A toner filled with heavy-hitting ingredients that moisturizes and layers well with other products


Hydrating, gentle, loaded with anti-agers



by Ann Pino

I’m 48 and my skin is in good condition, although it is combination with occasional outbreaks of rosacea. I was offered the opportunity to try the SimySkin Soothing Toner ($40) and was excited by the number of really great ingredients it contains. The ones that particularly stood out for me were papaya, cucumber, B12 and ubiquinol.

Papaya is mildly exfoliating and high in vitamin A. Cucumber is a natural toner with firming and anti-aging benefits. I’ve seen both of these ingredients recommended in home skin care recipes so it was nice to see them in a bottled toner. All the benefits without the fuss of peeling and cutting!

B12 was a little harder to understand at first. I was familiar with the benefits of niacinamide, but B12 is a different form of the B vitamin and has been shown to be an effective skin soother in studies of eczema patients. There seems to be some debate on the rosacea forums over whether B12 is helpful or causes flare ups but I experienced no problems while using the toner.

Ubiquinol is a heavy-hitter here at TIA and I love my MitoQ serum, so I knew my skin would respond positively to this ingredient in the SimySkin toner. I was not disappointed. If it’s possible to overdo ubiquinol, SimySkin toner plus MitoQ won’t do it. Layer them up and enjoy!

The toner comes in a tall 4 oz. bottle. I would have preferred that it be glass instead of plastic, but the packaging itself was simple and pleasing to the eye. The first thing I noticed about the toner itself was that it has a mild cucumber scent. I found it to be pleasant and refreshing but persons who are sensitive to smells may want to bear this in mind.

I used the toner in the morning to prep my skin for serums and creams and again after I took off my makeup at the end of the work day to ensure that my skin was completely clear before beginning my evening skin care regimen. Just a few dabs on a cotton round were all I needed and after a month of daily use I still have almost half a bottle, making this a good value. And unlike some toners I’ve used, it really does have some hydrating benefits. Even if I got distracted and didn’t follow up right away with other products, the SimySkin toner never left my skin feeling dry and tight.

In sum, this is a light and pleasant toner with a lot of great ingredients for surprisingly little money in light of what is on offer. It doesn’t dry out the skin and it balances pH to ready it for the concentrated serums that follow in a typical skin care regimen. I recommend it to persons who need a toner that works on sensitive skin or for those who want to add the benefits of several great ingredients without layering another serum or cream to their skin.

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