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SimySkin Ultra Fine Scrub Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
SimySkin Ultra Fine Scrub
September 7, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A super gentle scrub that leaves skin baby soft


Buffs away dead and dulling skin cells without causing irritation; feels wonderfully soothing



By Jennifer M. 

I have to admit that I was under a bit of a misunderstanding when I agreed to test out SimySkin Ultra Fine Scrub ($40). In the market for a new daily cleanser, I might not have chosen to test this product had I known that it is not, as I’d thought, a daily cleanser, but is instead a cleansing scrub meant to be used only a couple of evenings a week. My confusion led to a very happy result, though, because I’ve since fallen in love with this scrub. Even though it didn’t turn out to be the daily cleanser I was looking for, it has definitely earned a permanent place in my skin care routine.

There are a lot of scrubs on the market, and I’ve used quite a few during my lifetime — most of them fairly abrasive and (shudder) made from apricot kernels. As my skin ages and becomes more sensitive and fragile, scrubs are something that I’ve abandoned — until now. Ultra Fine Scrub is different from those I’ve tried in the past. In fact, because it is so fine and gentle, it’s hard for me to think of it as a scrub at all — it might more aptly be called a polish. Whatever the name, as gentle as it is, this product is also remarkably effective.

Recommended to be used two or three evenings a week on a cleansed, still-moist face, it is massaged gently into the skin for one to two minutes and then rinsed off. The scrub itself has a very mild yet pleasant fruity smell and feels like a creamy lotion. The scrubbing part of the equation is actually tiny jojoba beads. These soothing little beads feel more like micro-massage balls than exfoliators, but they are sneakily performing their duty in spite of how good they feel.

I used this scrub all over my face — and even on my lips! — avoiding only the eye area and have found that a 3/4-inch ribbon is an adequate amount. I enjoy the experience of this massage so much that I use the scrub for the full two minutes. That said, I should note that after more than a minute of use, the product does tend to dry out a bit. However, a quick spritz or dash of water remoistens the scrub. As part of an evening skin care routine, this massage is a wonderfully relaxing and I look forward to using it a few times a week, especially given its results.

The real joy of this product comes when the massage is finished. After rinsing, my face feels velvety smooth, plump, polished and totally cleansed. My skin feels so clean and so good that I find myself running my fingers over my cheeks again and again because they feel so amazingly soft, like baby skin soft. And, as much as I almost hate to put anything on it at this point, my skin feels perfectly primed to receive whatever product I choose to apply next.

The magic that this scrub performs is due, in part, to a long list of natural fruit seeds and oils, including jojoba, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon, lime, sweet orange, mandarin and litsea. These seven oils combined with pantothenic acid work to gently cleanse, hydrate and buff my 50-year-old skin so that it feels and looks years younger. This feeling doesn’t last forever, but on those nights I use the scrub, my skin feels amazing for hours. I’m still on the lookout for a great daily cleanser, but am so glad that an accidental side road led me to try SimySkin Ultra Fine Scrub.  


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