by Jana

Marta & TIA graciously sent me a Sirius Skinsonic Brush System to review. Background includes that I’ll turn 58 later this month and have skin that is prone to clogging and the occasional blackhead.  I also have rough patches around the corners of my mouth that, in the past, only AHAs and BHAs were able to tackle.  Before receiving the Skinsonic, I had never owned nor tried any facial brush system. The closest I’d come was one of those small, handheld plastic brushes that I used and liked a number of years ago.

As you (probably) know, the Skinsonic System ($49.95) comes with five brush heads:  Normal, Sensitive, Hydration Applicator, Exfoliation Applicator, and Massage Applicator. The machine itself is battery operated and the brush heads interchange easily. While not in use, the Skinsonic resides in an included compact stand, which is a nice addition. Sirius quite helpfully provides an instruction sheet. The instructions also are on their website.

On first opening the box, I was a bit dismayed by the feel of the machine – it seemed (and still does) rather insubstantial.  It has a tendency to shift while using, with the bottom half of the machine (where the batteries are inserted) at times coming away from the other half, not all the way, just loose.  However, a simple push puts it right and Skinsonic has held up very well indeed for the approximately six weeks I’ve used it twice daily.

I thought I’d need the sensitive brush, but that was too gentle so I use the normal one.  (My 25-year old daughter now uses and likes the Sensitive brush.)  It took me a few tries to adjust to using the Skinsonic, as I immediately pressed too hard and, in fact, cleansed with it for far too long the first time.  I ended up giving my klutzy self (temporarily) an eye twitch because I’d run the machine too long on the thin forehead skin just over & on my right eyebrow.  I haven’t made that mistake since and fairly soon adjusted to the proper pressure and length of time.

With its battery-fueled power supply, I find the cordless Skinsonic extremely convenient and take it into the shower with me each morning, being certain not to get it wet.  Although I have to admit, I accidentally held it briefly under the spray one early morning, but it came through with flying colors.  In addition, my husband and I regularly travel a bit, both across the US and on visits to his family in the UK.  The Skinsonic will be, I imagine, very nice to have on any trip as I won’t have to worry about power supplies or lugging along current converters; instead I’ll be certain to take two extra AA batteries in my suitcase.  On that note, the Skinsonic arrived with batteries already inside, which I suspect TIA contributed.  Those original batteries are still going strong.

As I said, I’ve used the Skinsonic twice per day with my facial cleanser for about six weeks now.  I am very pleased with the results.  It has lessened the occurrence of clogged pores and helped to eliminate those that were on my face at the beginning of this trial, although I still do occasionally have clogged pores.  But they disappear much faster than before I began using the Skinsonic.  In addition, for the past several years I had one recurring blackhead (where my reading glasses sit on my nose).  The Skinsonic eliminated that blackhead, which hasn’t rematerialized.  No other blackheads have appeared since using the Skinsonic.  I haven’t tried it as a dry brush, although I may give that a try.

As for the other brush heads, I don’t like the Massage head as it is too strong for my thin facial skin.  I did like using it on my neck (although not directly over my Adam’s apple) and intend to try it on other areas of my body.  As for my face, I find the feeling of the regular brush while cleansing is relaxing & feels somewhat on the lines of a massage.

The Hydration and Exfoliation applicators appear to be exact twins.  While I haven’t tried using one (“Hydration”) to apply serums & potions as I thought I would end up wasting product, I have been very favorably impressed with the exfoliation power of the Skinsonic.  My twice-weekly routine has been applying a somewhat thin layer of Your Best Face Prep ($80 in the TIA shop) to my damp face and neck, then buffing with the Skinsonic exfoliation head.  After I finish buffing, I don’t rinse off the Prep.  Instead, I apply a bit thicker layer of Prep, leaving it on as a mask and rinsing after 15 minutes.  This routine has worked very well in eliminating those rough patches as well as in revealing smoother, softer skin on both my face and neck. While Prep works well alone, I think buffing with the Skinsonic improves Prep’s exfoliation power.  I feel, too, that Prep’s heavy-hitting ingredients are more readily and deeply absorbed into the skin by using the Skinsonic with Prep first, then immediately applying Prep again as a mask.  I wonder now if using the other twin to apply serums might work well, too.  I’ll give it a shot one of these days.

By all accounts, the Skinsonic doesn’t completely compete with the Clarisonic. But price, portability, and the number & types of brush heads are all in Skinsonic’s favor.  All in all, I’ve liked the results I’ve seen using the Sirius Skinsonic and am grateful to Marta & TIA for allowing me this opportunity. Thank you TIA.