by Deborah B.

It was meant to be. The very day I had nearly purchased the Clarisonic Mia, I arrived home to an email from TIA asking for volunteers to review the Sirius Skinsonic System $49.95) . I jumped at the chance.

I’m 45 and starting last January my skin began breaking out like a teenager. I tried assorted creams, serums, potions, etc. and most everything would “work” for a couple of weeks and then the breakouts would return. My skin was red, itchy and uncomfortable.

Like most everyone on Truth In Aging, I’d read about the wonders of the Clarisonic Mia, Plus and Pro, but I was nervous about spending that much money on something I wasn't sure would work. The Sirius Skinsonic offer arrived just in time.

I started with the sensitive brush, as I was nervous the exfoliation might exacerbate the breakouts. Almost immediately, I could see (but mostly feel) the difference. After a couple of weeks, I moved on to the regular brush, which I’ve stayed with since. In fact, to be honest, I haven’t even tried the other three brushes that come with the box. I haven’t needed to use them.

In the two months since I began using the Sirius Skinsonic, I’ve only had one breakout. Otherwise, my skin has been clear and smooth. While no one has commented on my clear skin, I can feel how soft and smooth my skin feels. My forehead no longer itches and my skin is soft to the touch.

It's quick (one minute per night), it's easy and it's lightweight.

The Skinsonic hasn't solved all of my problems. I've still got some fine lines around my eyes and my "puppet" lines haven't receded. But overall I would definitely recommend this product.

I’ve read that others think it’s not as good as the Clarisonic brushes, but I have no need or desire to shell out the additional dollars when I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve got.

Thanks to Marta and TIA for this opportunity. My skin definitely thanks you!

Now I just need to do something about those “puppet” lines