Reviewed by Jan

Thanks to Marta and the great staff at Truth In Aging, I was given the opportunity to test and review the Sirius Skinsonic Skincare System ($49.95 in the TIA shop).  Let me start by saying that I have purchased not one but TWO Clarisonic systems (not a small investment by any means).  While there are some design perks to the Clarisonic (brush size and oscillating power), I will NEVER buy another one for the single most important reason that sets the Skinsonic apart:  BATTERY LIFE.

Perhaps just due to bad luck, or perhaps due to an inherent production flaw, both of my expensive Clarisonic units stopped working completely within 2 months of the warranty expiration.  While the Clarisonic customer service reps I spoke to each time were very apologetic and “surprised”, they were also very willing to send me a new and “improved” unit (around $200). They offered me “FREE SHIPPING” for my unfortunate experience with their units, which to my knowledge unless things have changed, become landfill ornaments once they are “dead.”  Why they cannot offer a replacement rechargeable battery is beyond me, and certainly not eco-friendly.

So then I read about the Skinsonic system on TIA; honestly, the thing that appealed to me most (aside from the great price compared to Clarisonic ) was the fact that you can replace the batteries!  In my opinion, the brushes are very adequate for exfoliating and cleansing purposes (I don’t use them for applying creams – I feel like I would be wasting product). Clarisonic is definitely not 300% more effective for the price, so it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would choose it over the Skinsonic as another tool in the ever growing “beauty arsenal.” I’d much rather spend the extra money on some of the creams and serums recommended by Marta – and get the Skinsonic – and have better overall results for my 50+ skin.

As a side note, I also tried the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System for a while between the dead Clarisonics and the Skinsonic. I would not recommend it for mature skin (even though that’s who the advertising is geared towards) because the spinning motion is much harder on already weakened (by age) skin fibroblasts. Less “tugging” = less wrinkles and sags.

I just noticed that the TIA store has a package deal on the Skinsonic with YBF products!  You can’t go wrong!