You'd think having worked for Truth In Aging for over a year, Marta and Sarah's day-to-day exposure to proper skincare would have resulted in me taking care of my skin, being extremely conscious of what I put on my face.  But truth be told, being a full-time student while still working part time at Truth In Aging, I often find myself being absurdly lazy when it comes to skincare. It was never made a priority in my everyday routine.

Until I purchased a Sirius Skinsonic ($49.95), that is.

Sure, I've purchased a number of products from the TIA shop prior to the Skinsonic, usually as a result of Marta or Sarah's suggestions, or while liaising with customers and hearing what you guys love and hate.  Some of my favorites include the Nutra-Lift Shampoo, the Shielo Color Protect Reflecting Conditioner, and my frizzy, curly hair's BFF, Shielo Volume Bounce Style Cream (if you have curly hair and have struggled for years on end to tame them without looking like BP's effect on the Gulf Coast, this is the best fifteen bucks you can spend). And for my face, I was introduced to YBF Balance, which has been a godsend for my bipolar skin (the category “combination skin” doesn't seem to suffice).

But none of these products battle the worst skincare habit I could have possibly developed; hi, my name is Preksha and I, more often than not, come home after a long day, pass out, and wake up to a face full of yesterday's greasy makeup.

The Sirius Skinsonic has changed that completely.  Alongside my usual facial cleanser, I use the normal and sensitive brushes (usually alternating days), which leaves my face glowing like a light bulb.  I then follow with my beloved YBF Balance, using the hydrating attachment.

The Skinsonic has given me a reason to look forward to treating my face with a daily five to ten-minute spa experience. In a little less than two weeks of use, there is a huge difference in my skin, as it's now noticeably more even with far fewer blackheads (though they are not completely gone as of yet).  Sirius-ly speaking, this is the best TIA purchase I've made to date!