by Laura

Thanks to the kind folks at Truth in Aging, I was recently sent a Sirius Skinsonic System ($49.95) to review for TIA readers. I have now been using my Skinsonic for about three weeks. I have found it to be a good cleansing tool with some definite pros and cons.

First of all, the Skinsonic comes with five attachments! Granted, at first I wondered if I would need or even use all of them, but I was determined to give each one a try. It was fun trying them out. The brush comes with a normal skin brush, one for sensitive skin, an exfoliation applicator (for applying scrubs and the like), a hydration applicator for applying moisturizers, and a massaging applicator. I did notice that the hydration and exfoliation applicators looked and felt exactly the same, so I wondered if perhaps there was a packing mistake. I would be curious to hear from other users if this was the case with their systems as well. My skin is sensitive, so I started out using the sensitive skin brush. After using that for a few days, I decided I wanted more exfoliation and changed to the normal skin brush.  It does a pretty good job at gently exfoliating my skin. I tried the other attachments and found the toning attachment to be my other favorite - it’s a nubby massager that I like to use with my moisturizer. It feels wonderful, like a gentle face massage. The other attachments...well I tried them, bit I found myself wondering why I was using them and ended up preferring to apply my moisturizer by hand. The Sirius handle is small and manageable, and I liked that it didn’t felt too hefty. It’s also battery operated, so no need to worry about recharging it when traveling. I think it would be a good system for someone who travels a lot and needs a compact cleansing tool for everyday use.

In comparison with other systems, I have only tried the Clarisonic (my mom uses one) a few times. I think that the Skinsonic is a good, less pricey alternative, but lacks some of the power of the Clarisonic. I felt myself wanting a little more “oomph” from the Sirius system, and it does only come with one speed. On a good note, it did tickle my nose much less than the Clarisonic! I would probably prefer the Clarisonic to the Skinsonic for the power alone if the price difference were not so huge.

The verdict? After a few weeks, my skin looks and feels smoother. I still haven’t been able to get rid of the pesky blackheads on my nose, but I’ve almost given up on getting rid of them anyway after having them since I was a teenager. I am 36 with a good deal of sun damage and fine wrinkles, and am also 32 weeks pregnant. I have seen less of the delightful pregnancy-induced breakouts since I’ve been using the Sirius, and I will continue to use it throughout my pregnancy and beyond. It’s not the most powerful system I have tried, but I like it for everyday cleansing to keep my skin looking polished and bright. Thanks, Truth in Aging, for the opportunity to try out the Sirius Skinsonic system! I now have another tool added to my arsenal of anti-aging weapons!