Here in Thailand, lemongrass is one of the most common (and appreciated) plants, ubiquitous, and found in everything from national dishes to skincare products (the range of medicinal and culinary benefits is extensive). It also happens to be one of my favorite scents, so imagine the utter joy when I wear lemongrass-scented body lotion while eating Tom Yum soup. I discovered a terrific lemongrass body lotion at Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket, the resort's own beauty brand, and perhaps one of the best ones I've used featuring lemongrass.

Six Senses Destination Spa is on a private island off busy Phuket, and provides a comfortable wellness retreat for its international guests. It's part luxury, part hippie and 100% effective in turning out satisfied guests (on my very short visit, I ate delicious raw foods and veggies from their organic garden, had a terrific detox massage and colon therapy and drank juices and ginger teas throughout the day. I felt truly rejuvinated). Six Senses offers its own line of body products, all organic to keep in line with their "natural" philosophy. One of their best sellers is lemongrass. Because it was completely sold out when I got there, I discovered it was available online. I was able to get a sense of the body lotion from the sample bottle and was tempted to even take it with me to Krabi (of course, I didn't but that's how much I loved it!).

The highlight of the body lotion is obviously lemongrass; the body lotion features both lemongrass extract and lemongrass essential oils, in moderate to high concentrations, so you know you're getting bang for buck. Lemongrass oil has major antibacterial, astringent and antiseptic properties (and of course that irresistible, sexy scent). The lemongrass body lotion came in handy when I was getting a little too red from the sun as it's completely soothing, and it has properties that defend the skin from mosquitos (of which there are mucho here on the coast of Thailand). The rice bran oil, another favorite, is rich in antioxidants and also makes a great, natural moisturizing agent for dry skin.

I loved the potency of the lemongrass in Six Senses Lemongrass Body Lotion. Knowing the resort's philosophy on life (super organic with a strong slant on social and eco responsibility), I was pretty certain their skincare products would have the same ethos.

The lotion is a winner, and it's available online.


Water, rice bran oil, cyclomethicone, lemongrass extract, ammonium acrylate/acylamide, capolymer & polyisobutens & polysorbate 20, lemongrass essential oil, l lactic acid, sodium lactate.