Recommended with reservations, this $15 drug store eye cream is pretty good. Skin Appetit's products were developed by a nutritionist, Keri Glassman, and use the idea of anti-oxidant super foods as the basis for an anti-aging formula.

Optim-Eyes Skin Firming Gel has, as you would expect from a budget cream, some basic moisturizers, thinning agents and a surfecant. However, it more than makes up for this mediocrity with a salad bar of nourishment, from cucumber to, to grape seed, to blueberries, to chocolate, plus some yogurt acting as a lactic acid.

Sadly, boasts of paraben-free are mitigated by a couple of irritants, ethylhexylglycerin (according to a Belgian study) and phenoxyphenol, and a pollutant, tetrasodium EDTA.

Still, if you find yourself locked in a mall overnight without your usual kit, you could do a lot worse than making do with this.