Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals Dermal Nutrition Antioxidant (DNA) Repair Cream 2 oz

I am a 50+ year-old woman with normal to combination skin who lives in are area that can be humid or impossibly dry, depending on the season. I have the usual problems that go with aging skin: fine lines, wrinkles, some discoloration in pigmentation, and the beginning of sagging eyelids, so I was excited to try Skin Beautiful Dermaceuticals Dermal Nutrition Antioxidant (DNA) Repair Cream ($40) given its scientifically-proven natural ingredients.

It comes in a pretty, feminine colored glass jar which looks small, but contains 2 oz of cream. Something I liked was they don't waste money on a fancy container. It has a slight floral fragrance that smells natural, not like perfume. After my first application, I was happy to see that a little goes a long way! It feels just like you applied liquid silk to your face.

I had absolutely no irritation from it. In fact, I overdid it with my retinol one night, and my face looked and felt like a damaged orange peel the next morning. Normally when I let that happen, it takes a good week for my face to heal and look normal again. I quickly cleansed my face, and applied the Skin Beautiful Dermal Nutrition Antioxidant (DNA) Repair Cream. In two days, my irritated face was healed. I give full credit to this wonderful product as I have tried everything when this has happened before, to no avail.

It promises lessening of large pores, to decrease redness, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. I have definitely seen a great deal of improvement in my skin during the last 3-4 weeks of use. My pores are smaller, my skin looks bright and fresh, and small fine lines almost completely disappeared. It has also helped the saggy, crepey look of my upper eyelids and neck, with no eye irritation. This is important to me as I can't usually afford a good moisturizer and an eye cream too. I always let it set 10 minutes before I apply makeup, and I had no problems with my makeup staying put. However, if you use too much, you may have a shiny face and see your makeup slip throughout the day.

Active ingredients consist of Renovage -- proven to repair skin at the DNA level and means the results are far more lasting -- and multiple peptides, which are proving to be the new "retinol without the irritation." And I can actually see the hyaluronic acid work to plump my skin, as it is said to bind up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. Its full ingredient list contains nothing harmful far as I can see, and has only natural and proven products/ingredients--there are no extra fillers in this cream! I was really impressed. AND for me, they have done just what they claim: produce a natural product that delivers results.

Lastly, the price point of Skin Beautiful Dermal Nutrition Antioxidant (DNA) Repair Cream is fabulous at around $40 for two ounces. I can't wait to continue its use. This is my new go-to skin repairing moisturizer! I give it 5 stars all the way! Try it ladies -- just remember, a little goes a long way!