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Skin Nutrition LIVE Cleansing Gel Smoothie Review

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Dry Skin
Skin Nutrition LIVE Cleansing Gel Smoothie 4.2 oz
January 3, 2014 Reviewed by Francine 0 Comments
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This superfood-smoothie cleanser lives up to the "Skin Nutrition" name


Left skin hydrated, refreshed and smooth


Fruity scent might not suit everyone

Dry skin is an ongoing concern for me, especially in the winter, so I am rather particular about the cleanser I use.  I’m always looking for a product that will clean properly without being harsh and drying.  Skin Nutrition LIVE has joined the smoothie craze and added a variety of gel smoothies to their organic skin care line. I’ve been happily using the Skin Nutrition LIVE Cleansing Gel Smoothie ($38.95) for several weeks.  It offers the perfect balance; an effective cleanser that leaves your face feeling smooth and silky, refreshed and hydrated. 

The smoothies are not simply clever word play on what has become a healthy food staple for many of us. To look and feel our best we all agree our bodies should be nourished with the freshest, nutrient-rich superfoods available.  Skin Nutrition smoothies were created on the premise that our skin cells are just as deserving and should also be nourished and fed with organic superfoods.  Everything is completely natural, with absolutely no harsh chemicals or solvents.  Chock full of highly active plant cells, oils and extracts like blueberry, pomegranate, acai, goji and many more, Skin Nutrition LIVE Cleansing Gel Smoothie is unlike anything I’ve ever used.  Since it contains live enzymes and nutrients that can separate, you must shake well before use to thoroughly mix ingredients.  Pump a small amount and apply in a circular motion to damp skin until a foam appears.  Rinse and pat dry.  The color of this gel cleanser as seen through the glass bottle is not the usual light or white liquid, it is rather dark.  When the ingredients separate you can clearly see the blueberry color on the bottom.  Skin Nutrition’s suggestion to store in a cool, dark place might be inconvenient for some. Its scent is quite fruity, almost grapey.  This may be a feature not everyone will enjoy, but I regard it (and its storage recommendation) as part of its natural goodness.

Skin Nutrition promises that this “meal” for our delicate skin is more easily absorbed and utilized, with some cells being even more effective than some widely used peptides.  What I can attest to is my 60-year-old skin feels very hydrated, refreshed, smooth and clean after I use it.  I even leave it on longer than any other cleanser I’ve used since the result is so pleasant.  

I was pleased and not surprised to learn that very recently Skin Nutrition LIVE was named as a top 5 standout brand by Beyond Beauty Paris for 2013. 

Skin Nutrition LIVE Cleansing Gel Smoothie is an easy recommendation.  Priced around $38 the result is well worth the cost.  And it will last for quite some time (4.2 oz/125ml).  I look forward to venturing into other Live Superfood Skin Smoothies.

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