skin nutrition live decadent dessert smoothie

Reviewed by Jane on April 5, 2014

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I was delighted to be selected by TIA to review Skin Nutrition Decadent Dessert Smoothie ($69.95) as I am new to specialty skin care products, and because of this, I consider myself to be a reasonably good candidate to evaluate them. When I received the full-size product to test, I was pleased that the outer cardboard packaging appeared to be made of recycled paper and the actual product container was glass with a pump. This is a natural product in recyclable packaging, and it makes a great first impression.

The Decadent Dessert Smoothie’s résumé is impressive: It is 100% natural, 100% vegan, gluten-free, mostly organic and contains no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, or any other toxins –  plus it’s made in the USA. This product is not tested on animals, and according to the label and the company’s website, this is a “luxurious and potent anti-aging serum containing active plant cells…”  Given all of this impressive information, I was anxious to put it to work!

The texture and thickness of this “nutrient dense superfood” is that of water. Truth be told, I felt like I was putting pomegranate juice on my face. After shaking well because “separation will occur,” I pumped one serving into my hand (watch for splashing) and felt unsure about how to apply it to my face – should I use a cotton ball or dab my fingers into the liquid and massage it into my skin?  I ended up gently rubbing my hands together to spread the liquid and patting it onto my face, neck, and décolleté. Perhaps I sound like a neophyte, and I should know how to apply liquids such as this, but I am new to specialty products like this one and could have used a little more guidance, especially as the directions simply state “apply morning and evening to the face, neck and décolleté before moisturization.”

I applied the product faithfully morning and night for four weeks after returning from a camping trip where my skin care routine took a beating. I was lucky to wash, tone, apply sunscreen and moisturize once per day, let alone twice. After a week of such a routine, I was ready to get back into my regular twice-per-day routine, so this product was put through a rigorous test. I should also note that I am a 49-year-old Caucasian woman with sensitive skin prone to milia. I experience the occasional but debilitating migraine, and I am quite sensitive to scents. In fact, I don’t use products with artificial scents if I can help it. The Decadent Dessert Smoothie has a lovely scent – very natural, quite mild, and fresh.  

This product does separate, and even when shaken well, expect to pick small particulates off of your face after using it. After 3 weeks, the pump unexpectedly clogged when I used it, and it splattered and made a mess. At this point, the product was a little thicker (it definitely separated over time despite my shaking well before each use) and the pump became somewhat clogged – not to the point where I couldn’t use it, but I did have to be careful so as not to push too hard and have the Smoothie splatter.

I consistently used the product for four weeks as directed, and while I didn’t see a noticeable improvement in my skin, there may have been a minor improvement, but it was hard to tell. I really love this product’s résumé, I appreciate the company’s philosophy and I wanted the product to work for me (who doesn’t want “anti-aging” products to work?). Unfortunately, this was one of those candidates that looked great on paper, but when it came to significant measurable performance, I was sadly disappointed.