A couple of people have mentioned to me that they have had success using Super Cop 2X to remove skin tags. Otherwise known as acrochordons, skin tags are those little folds of skin that are usually caused by friction. Given that most of the treatments are medieval (involving scissors, ice and pieces of string), it seems worth giving a copper peptide solution a try.

I am a big fan of Super Cop 2X. It is great for scars and deep wrinkles and recently it rapidly restored my husband's skin after he got a nasty burn. It doesn't absorb easily (damp skin helps) and can be irritating, so proceed with caution.

Super Cop 2X is made by Skin Biology. I would advise ordering it via Amazon.com. If you can't resist checking out the Skin Biology website, be warned that it was designed by someone who was trapped in a labyrinth for a really long time and only recently emerged to a bewildering world.