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Skincerity- remover of skin problems or candidate for Dept of Daft

Reviewed by Marta February 16, 2013 69 Comments

A night mask called Skincerity has been getting some publicity recently. It costs $89.95 and you just roll it over your face for "a perfect solution for sun damaged skin, acne, common rashes, itching, and many insect bites. Developed from National Institutes of Health grant funding, Skincerity is not a cover-up or cosmetic. It is a genuine health care product. You don't feel or smell it - you experience it!" And what is the secret sauce? Acetone. Yes the (smelly) stuff in nailpolish remover.

What Is Skincerity?

This is one of the oddest beauty products I have seen in a long while. According to the ingredients for Skincerity listed on, the dominant ingredient is acetone. There's also a component of non-stick pans. What mad scientist is behind this formula? But before we panic on behalf of the gullible who buy this and roll it on at bedtime (I hope they aren't nocturnal smokers; isn't acetone flammable?) perhaps we should look into Skincerity a little more deeply.

After all, someone selling Skincerity posted on a comment on to point out that only "medical grade acetone" is used. I have no doubt they were utterly skincere, but try doing an online search for "medical grade acetone", you won't find much. Acetone is a common solvent and component of nail polish remover. Its one of the most powerful solvents you can buy without a license. So what's it doing in a face mask?

Truthfully, I have no idea. What I do know is that acetone is a chemical that is found naturally in the environment and is also produced by industries. Low levels of acetone are normally present in the body from the breakdown of fat. Having said that, in a lab experiment, people who had liquid acetone applied directly on their skin and held there for a half hour developed skin irritation. When the skin was looked at under a microscope, some of the skin cells were damaged (source).

What Else Is In Skincerity?

Next up is flouropolymer. This is not a friend of acetone. According to Wikipedia, flouropolymer shows a strong resistance to solvents (thankfully, acetone is probably strong enough to get the better of it). Flouropolymers are friction resistant and are a component of Teflon. They also provide a fabulous shield against corrosion. Now that's what I call antiaging. You might be interested to know that the active ingredient in Living Proof No Frizz is a modified flouropolymer.

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Eventually, I worked out flouropolymers turn up as polytetrafluoroethylene in things like face powders and eyeshadows for a "luxurious, dry, silky feel". I expect that's what why they are in Skincerity.

Now what of acrylic polymer. Trying to find out how it would be applied to skincare, I found a patent to use acrylic copolymers to form a thin, protective layer over the skin. The target consumers include "housewives" and "dishwashers in restaurants".

This is normally used to suspend pigment in acrylic paint and, of course, acrylic nail polish. Much like enamels, the acrylic nail polish has tiny particles of acrylic resin. The difference is that they are suspended in water. The water part of the polish is partially evaporated and partially absorbed into the fingernail. The resin left behind fuses together and creates a strong polish.

Skincerity is a veritable yin and yang with both nail polish and remover things. Perhaps our mad scientist is a frustrated manicurist.

Ingredients in Skincerity:

Acetone, Flouropolymer, Acrylic polymer, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Fragrance.

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  • April 4, 2017

    by Ross

    I've tried so many products and would like to try this but hesitant as most products over promise and under deliver. Does anyone know what the percentage of active ingredient is in this mix? It cost roughly 189 AUD so it's not cheap just to try.

  • December 15, 2016

    by Melissa

    Hi There. I was given the breathable mask snd yes it has a strong acetone smell. I naturally have good skin, always have been a water drinker and eat clean and actually do natural bodybuilding. I am 47 and yes starting to see the signs of aging. I used this product and cannot rave about it enough. My skin looks hydrated and glowing in the morning more than when i use natural oils or moisturisers before bed. I want more. Surely it cant be any worse than injecting the likes of botox and fillers?

  • December 4, 2016

    by Tristan

    So totally sick of seeing people shell out the big bucks for these pathetic gimmicks. How bout this amazing alternative? Eat clean, take the sugar out of your diet, drink lots of water, and here's the best part- exercise!!! No membership fees, no auto-ship commitment requirements, no crap chemicals on your skin. Natural moisturizers will do wonders. What a joke this company is. I spent 5 minutes talking to a distributor and found error after error in her claims of products. First off she told me that she hated her stressful job so much that she needs to drink Nucerity's supposed health concoction to relax and have more energy to get through her day. Then her fellow distributor informs me that the before mentioned has been a dedicated hard working member for 6 years, and is some sort of high up gemstone. So let me get this straight. This is an amazing company that will supposedly find you financial freedom and is a great opportunity to all that become distributors? Pretty sad to know that this gal is still plugging away at her crap job after 6 years with Nucerity. The network marketing idea is a joke, and what these poor souls don't realize is that only those super bright diamonds or whatever they are at the top will be the ones making the money, not you lowly souls just starting out and gullible enough to be taken in. You will invest money and time and pretend to like the crap you sell In order to barely cover your auto-ship, and you will be drinking the Elite chemically laden garbage drink in order to get through your day. Look at the ingredient list of Elite. Disgusting. And the tiny amounts of the natural supplements they claim it contains unfortunately will do nothing to outweigh the damage that Malitol and silicon dioxide does to your body. This company is a waste of time when it comes to financial gains or any sort of health benefits inside and out. The distributors are like robots, repeating the garbage spiel they have been taught, and I was embarrassed for them while listening. Unfortunately time I will never get back.

  • November 21, 2016

    by Carolyn

    Thank you so much for educate us and telling us the truth. We need people like you to inform us the truth.
    God bless you!

  • November 7, 2016

    by Simone

    Anyone selling this product and their well-rehearsed spin all state the exact same propaganda. The suspect photos and the 'life changing' results? All marketing hype. And the Hype drunk distributors are shameful in the defence of this product talking with no qualifications at all, only what they have been taught in their 'training seminars"

    Acetone causes an inflammatory response as it directly compromises the delicate barrier function of the skin surface. Once this surface is damaged it is more susceptible to dryness, redness and infection and repeated exposure can even develop into dermatitis. Acetone also breaks down essential barrier preserving fatty acids present in the skin. (Sources: Journal of Applied Toxicology, August 2012, pages 537–563; Skin Research and Technology, November 2007, pages 425–435; British Journal of Dermatology, April 1999, pages 739–748; and Microscopy Research and Technique, May 1997, pages 193–199).

    It is NOT FDA approved and that is a fact! Can any of the distributors provide documentation that this product is safe or if this product has supporting papers? NO! they say they can but never materialize! Also, where is the documented evidence for the FDA approval if the FDA do not know about it!

    All promises and take your cash, the product is made with the cheapest ingredients and sold at a premium price!
    Acetone can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream and organs. In addition to eye and skin irritation, excessive exposure to this chemical may cause serious health concerns.

    Acetone in dangerous in long term use and those life changing experiences and weak minded people caught up in the hype of equally hype delirious distributors. Watch them all duck and weave when there is a fatality, will they all stand there defending this garbage then! they will make their cash and run!

    We all thought Asbestos was the next best this until years later! consider yourselves warned! Please use your God given brains people, Acetone has a dedicated MSDS to warn of the hazards and toxicity . It is pure foolishness to take the advice of the unqualified and hype drunk.


    – Simone Wells (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd ASCC) Biological Scientist and Cosmetic Chemist

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