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Skincerity- remover of skin problems or candidate for Dept of Daft

February 16, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 72 Comments

A night mask called Skincerity has been getting some publicity recently. It costs $89.95 and you just roll it over your face for "a perfect solution for sun damaged skin, acne, common rashes, itching, and many insect bites. Developed from National Institutes of Health grant funding, Skincerity is not a cover-up or cosmetic. It is a genuine health care product. You don't feel or smell it - you experience it!" And what is the secret sauce? Acetone. Yes the (smelly) stuff in nailpolish remover.

What Is Skincerity?

This is one of the oddest beauty products I have seen in a long while. According to the ingredients for Skincerity listed on, the dominant ingredient is acetone. There's also a component of non-stick pans. What mad scientist is behind this formula? But before we panic on behalf of the gullible who buy this and roll it on at bedtime (I hope they aren't nocturnal smokers; isn't acetone flammable?) perhaps we should look into Skincerity a little more deeply.

After all, someone selling Skincerity posted on a comment on to point out that only "medical grade acetone" is used. I have no doubt they were utterly skincere, but try doing an online search for "medical grade acetone", you won't find much. Acetone is a common solvent and component of nail polish remover. Its one of the most powerful solvents you can buy without a license. So what's it doing in a face mask?

Truthfully, I have no idea. What I do know is that acetone is a chemical that is found naturally in the environment and is also produced by industries. Low levels of acetone are normally present in the body from the breakdown of fat. Having said that, in a lab experiment, people who had liquid acetone applied directly on their skin and held there for a half hour developed skin irritation. When the skin was looked at under a microscope, some of the skin cells were damaged (source).

What Else Is In Skincerity?

Next up is flouropolymer. This is not a friend of acetone. According to Wikipedia, flouropolymer shows a strong resistance to solvents (thankfully, acetone is probably strong enough to get the better of it). Flouropolymers are friction resistant and are a component of Teflon. They also provide a fabulous shield against corrosion. Now that's what I call antiaging. You might be interested to know that the active ingredient in Living Proof No Frizz is a modified flouropolymer.

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Eventually, I worked out flouropolymers turn up as polytetrafluoroethylene in things like face powders and eyeshadows for a "luxurious, dry, silky feel". I expect that's what why they are in Skincerity.

Now what of acrylic polymer. Trying to find out how it would be applied to skincare, I found a patent to use acrylic copolymers to form a thin, protective layer over the skin. The target consumers include "housewives" and "dishwashers in restaurants".

This is normally used to suspend pigment in acrylic paint and, of course, acrylic nail polish. Much like enamels, the acrylic nail polish has tiny particles of acrylic resin. The difference is that they are suspended in water. The water part of the polish is partially evaporated and partially absorbed into the fingernail. The resin left behind fuses together and creates a strong polish.

Skincerity is a veritable yin and yang with both nail polish and remover things. Perhaps our mad scientist is a frustrated manicurist.

Ingredients in Skincerity:

Acetone, Flouropolymer, Acrylic polymer, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Fragrance.

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  • July 25, 2018

    by Bec

    A friend has suggested I get involved in this business.
    The products at first glance look high end and I suppose they'd have to look high end being so high priced.
    I'm a qualified cosmetic chemist and looking at the ingredients list, the formulation is very basic. Polymers are just certain types of emulsifiers that create a physical bridge between the oil and water droplets. They are what keeps the oil from separating from the water phase.
    Acetone is useless. It's like witch hazel or ethanol. It cleans the skin then evaporates. The only active ingredient is the vitamin e. Which is actually in there to stop the natural grape seed oil from turning rancid.
    So everyone raving about this product is being duped.
    If your getting any kind of results from this product, it signifies you need a better face wash or to start using a toner.

  • January 1, 2018

    by Al

    I started using Skincerity in 2015 and had great results. Now, 2.5 years later, my face and neck have developed a rash and show signs of chemical burn. The effects started slowly; my face felt heated from the inside and my cheeks were flushed. Then, full on signs of chemical burn started showing. Since I didn't use Skincerity every night (maybe only once a week), it took me a few weeks to figure it out. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to food or something. I stopped using the product and the symptoms started to diminish slowly. I have always looked 10 to 15 years younger than my age (43), but during this reaction I have aged 10 years. I look my age or older. People rave about this product and I can see why (my stretch marks diminished, cracks on my feet closed up, burns heal more quickly), but I look so bad right now, that I would gladly wind back the clock and not even start. Others are successful, unfortunately, my success was short lived and left me worse off than I began. Hoping my skin goes back to its youthfulness after this reaction/burn heals and wish I would have read a review like this before I began.

  • October 13, 2017

    by f

    Skincerity is neither a food or a drug. Why would it have FDA approval? People are claiming they have knowledge about it that they do not have. Marta is speculating and spreading misinformation. This is unfortunate because people will believe it. The product was originated in medicine. It creates the world's only breathable barrier which allows oxygen to get it but traps your body's natural moisture thereby hydrating your skin by preventing transepidermal water loss. The original formula was formulated in FDA approved labs, however it is not ingested or prescribed therefore the FDA cannot approve it. It is a cosmetic and it is not recommended to be eaten. So get your facts straight before publishing your reviews. If you don't believe me then call the FDA and ask. Skincerity is a phenomenal product the likes of which we have not seen before.

  • April 4, 2017

    by Ross

    I've tried so many products and would like to try this but hesitant as most products over promise and under deliver. Does anyone know what the percentage of active ingredient is in this mix? It cost roughly 189 AUD so it's not cheap just to try.

  • December 15, 2016

    by Melissa

    Hi There. I was given the breathable mask snd yes it has a strong acetone smell. I naturally have good skin, always have been a water drinker and eat clean and actually do natural bodybuilding. I am 47 and yes starting to see the signs of aging. I used this product and cannot rave about it enough. My skin looks hydrated and glowing in the morning more than when i use natural oils or moisturisers before bed. I want more. Surely it cant be any worse than injecting the likes of botox and fillers?

  • December 4, 2016

    by Tristan

    So totally sick of seeing people shell out the big bucks for these pathetic gimmicks. How bout this amazing alternative? Eat clean, take the sugar out of your diet, drink lots of water, and here's the best part- exercise!!! No membership fees, no auto-ship commitment requirements, no crap chemicals on your skin. Natural moisturizers will do wonders. What a joke this company is. I spent 5 minutes talking to a distributor and found error after error in her claims of products. First off she told me that she hated her stressful job so much that she needs to drink Nucerity's supposed health concoction to relax and have more energy to get through her day. Then her fellow distributor informs me that the before mentioned has been a dedicated hard working member for 6 years, and is some sort of high up gemstone. So let me get this straight. This is an amazing company that will supposedly find you financial freedom and is a great opportunity to all that become distributors? Pretty sad to know that this gal is still plugging away at her crap job after 6 years with Nucerity. The network marketing idea is a joke, and what these poor souls don't realize is that only those super bright diamonds or whatever they are at the top will be the ones making the money, not you lowly souls just starting out and gullible enough to be taken in. You will invest money and time and pretend to like the crap you sell In order to barely cover your auto-ship, and you will be drinking the Elite chemically laden garbage drink in order to get through your day. Look at the ingredient list of Elite. Disgusting. And the tiny amounts of the natural supplements they claim it contains unfortunately will do nothing to outweigh the damage that Malitol and silicon dioxide does to your body. This company is a waste of time when it comes to financial gains or any sort of health benefits inside and out. The distributors are like robots, repeating the garbage spiel they have been taught, and I was embarrassed for them while listening. Unfortunately time I will never get back.

  • November 21, 2016

    by Carolyn

    Thank you so much for educate us and telling us the truth. We need people like you to inform us the truth.
    God bless you!

  • November 7, 2016

    by Simone

    Anyone selling this product and their well-rehearsed spin all state the exact same propaganda. The suspect photos and the 'life changing' results? All marketing hype. And the Hype drunk distributors are shameful in the defence of this product talking with no qualifications at all, only what they have been taught in their 'training seminars"

    Acetone causes an inflammatory response as it directly compromises the delicate barrier function of the skin surface. Once this surface is damaged it is more susceptible to dryness, redness and infection and repeated exposure can even develop into dermatitis. Acetone also breaks down essential barrier preserving fatty acids present in the skin. (Sources: Journal of Applied Toxicology, August 2012, pages 537–563; Skin Research and Technology, November 2007, pages 425–435; British Journal of Dermatology, April 1999, pages 739–748; and Microscopy Research and Technique, May 1997, pages 193–199).

    It is NOT FDA approved and that is a fact! Can any of the distributors provide documentation that this product is safe or if this product has supporting papers? NO! they say they can but never materialize! Also, where is the documented evidence for the FDA approval if the FDA do not know about it!

    All promises and take your cash, the product is made with the cheapest ingredients and sold at a premium price!
    Acetone can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream and organs. In addition to eye and skin irritation, excessive exposure to this chemical may cause serious health concerns.

    Acetone in dangerous in long term use and those life changing experiences and weak minded people caught up in the hype of equally hype delirious distributors. Watch them all duck and weave when there is a fatality, will they all stand there defending this garbage then! they will make their cash and run!

    We all thought Asbestos was the next best this until years later! consider yourselves warned! Please use your God given brains people, Acetone has a dedicated MSDS to warn of the hazards and toxicity . It is pure foolishness to take the advice of the unqualified and hype drunk.


    – Simone Wells (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd ASCC) Biological Scientist and Cosmetic Chemist

  • October 29, 2016

    by charlotte

    I returned to seller......did not as yet recieve my money back in spite of developing itchy rash from skincerity, possible allergy, she had no sympathy. at all.....2nd product was worse....the super health drink.....hurt my teeth no matter how much I diluted it?!?!.....the level of super sweet was un bearable after 1 then a half of small envelope tried over 3 day period.....I was not taken seriously. First time a vendor has refused to satisfy a customer ......this will damage thier reputation very badly.
    the company reps stated money back guarantee it is apparent seller will not back thier company claims......BE AWAREjawbone

  • September 7, 2016

    by Sister

    Girls/Boys -I was asked to try this Skincerity by my sister in-law who is a nurse.
    I saw the difference in her skin, & now I'm using it,.... I love it.
    My skin is looking good, feeling hydrated. Its easy to use. I've even tried the roll on eye gel, and the water base day moisturiser. I like what I'm seeing and how my skin is feeling. I encourage you to give it a go.

  • August 18, 2016

    by Claudia

    Acetone is an organic compound -it occurs in nature. You eat it in leafy greens, it's a one of the ketone's produced in our bodies and it's the second safest solvent next to water. If you talk to a medical professional or a microbiologist they won't react because they know what it is and what it does and how safe it is. It has negative associations by the largely uneducated masses which is understandable but the remedy is simply to research and educatation. Proper education - not googling and reading opinions. Acetone wants to be a vapour so it isn't absorbed into the skin because it evaporates and that is what flash dries the masque to your skin. Skincerity is the most organic way to heal your skin and get healthy skin because it let's your body do what it does best - heal. On top of that it hydrates - there is nothing on the market that can prevent nocturnal transepidermal water loss. I've seen it change people's lives and I'm not talking about the network marketing I'm talking about how it's given people their confidence back. Skin conditions are no joke. I had horrible acne rosacea and nothing worked until I tried this. I had tried it before I had read the reviews so I wasn't affected by them. Alot of the assertions are unfounded sorry to report! :)

  • December 26, 2015

    by Skye

    I would like to primarily address the concerns about the acetone content of Skincerity. The acetone, fluoropolymers and acrylic polymers are not active ingredients. The acetone has several functions:
    1. Acetone keeps all the polymers in liquid form within the bottle whilst it is not being exposed to open air.
    2. Acetone in open air prefers to be a gas and so it evaporates after rolling on, which allows the polymers to "flash dry" creating a second skin which decreases dermal dehydration during sleep.
    3. Acetone is an antimicrobial that has antifungal properties (kills most bacteria and some fungus on contact) so once the product is rolled on it is not trapping any nasties under said second skin allowing them to do further damage.
    4. As it evaporates it also punctures tiny holes in the polymer layer (like gasses leaving holes in swiss cheese, only smaller) allowing the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide facilitating cellular respiration without releasing larger water molecules necessary for the skin's own natural healing and regeneration.

    The acetone has evaporated within 30 seconds of rolling on your skin, therefore it is not an active ingredient. The polymers act as a physical barrier, exactly as described on the bottle and is washed off the following morning and not absorbed by any layer of the dermis, therefore, not an active ingredient.

    What ARE active and absorbed by the skin however, are Vitamin E and Grape Seed oil (high in anti oxidants) which are held in place on the skin by the polymer layer giving them the best possible chance to help deliver nutrients to the skin.

    *Sidenote - Acetone is also found naturally in many foods that we eat in small amounts, including green apples, fish and even drinking water.

    Honestly, I would be more worried about the fluoride in the water and toothpaste.

  • December 21, 2015

    by Elisha

    Funny how all the other products I've tried for acne that claims it will work has a money back guarantee yet Nucerity doesn't... It's because it's crap and even if it works for some people it's still probably causing long term problems

  • December 9, 2015

    by Zi yang

    Claudia I think it is because u are allergic to the product ingredients, and that doesn't mean that it don't work with anyone I have try it and it really works.. And a lot of people use it too.. Dun anyhow imagine things... This is a really successful product...

  • December 3, 2015

    by Karol

    Is this product part of the Nucerity line of products? How long has this been around. Would you say after continual use it may cause cancer? Just wondering as someone has asked me to join the Nucerity group?

  • November 11, 2015

    by Carmen

    I became an associate, after trying the product, sent directly to me by a distributor (acquaintance ). I have had a very positive experience, especially with wrinkles and pigment discoloration. I am a microbiologist, and I understand its antimicrobial properties. It is a great and unique product.

  • September 28, 2015

    by G

    Smell was over powering I have asthma it induced an attack after 5 min of wear I had to wash it off no way I could sleep with it on

  • September 14, 2015

    by claudia

    tried it after getting engaged in this marketing chain... impossible to sleep with it... cleared my nose all the way down to my throat.. dried my skin and got a rash after a week.. was pushed into continuing its use and got worse... those who say it works, must be making good money from getting people in their "marketing chain" ... good luck and be ware.

  • June 15, 2015


    vale la pena leerlo y preguntarle a la doctora el viernes su opinión.
    parece amenazante pero los comentarios son psitivos

  • June 9, 2015

    by katy

    The polymers peel off! What type of stuff could be on a fancy chemical peel in the spa?? This stuff is amazing! The only ingredients that absorb are the grape seed oil and the vitamin E. The rest is just there to let your skin do it's thing without losing efforts onto pillow cases and sheets!! It's really quite simple!

  • April 18, 2015

    by Buzz

    What "by Ji" wrote above is exactly what I thought when my wife was looking to use it. She tried it out and to my amazement it has made a considerable difference in quite a short time. The thing that finally swung my view was the results from a friends boy who had a skin condition that was someware between a rash and warts. They had tried all sorts of treatments with little or no results. The product has reduced and is still reducing the affected area. From what I understand the barrier allows the skins own healing and or rejuvenating properties to work better. Since this my wife has given it to another friend who had a terable burn scar on her leg. The scar was bad enough that this lady had not warn shorts or a skirt in public for decades. Five days later she turned up to a mums catch up coffee in shorts showing everyone the results.
    I'm still concerned with the acetone, but the bulk of evidence I have personally witnessed, with people who have skin conditions that (not just the two mentioned above) seem to be so sensitive that you would think an ingredient like acetone would exsasabate the problem, but it has not.
    I've been using the product for 3 weeks now. Prior to this I had no "skin regime" let alone heard that term before and the results are quite amazing. My skin gets very dry, especially in winter so if an ingredient's properties were drying to the skin and acetone definitely has that as one of its properties, there must be something else going on. I believe havering used this product that the amount of acetone absorbed into the skin is either zero or is so small that it has no drying affect.
    It's simple, give it a go.

  • April 15, 2015

    by tina

    As far as the product contents is concerned ,it is a little bit scary but to be honest it is a good product ,it helped me with my dry skin and my complexion is becoming might not be for everyone ,but its worth trying. it takes time to see the result of course its not a magic bottle .

  • November 22, 2014

    by Pam

    I don't know how it works or why it works, I just know it does. And no, I don't sell it - ie, I have nothing to gain by writing a good review.

    I have very oily and acne-prone skin, yet I also have very sensitive skin and experience daily (sometimes hourly) facial flushing and redness (early stages of rosacea). Needless to say, it's a nightmare to find something that effectively addresses all of those issues.

    After a few nights of Skincerity, the redness has drastically been reduced, the irritation has drastically been calmed, I've had no breakouts and my skin is as smooth as butter. A few lines and wrinkles are just beginning to look better too. I've also been using it on my son's stretch marks on his arms and we've seen a big difference in just a few days.

    I will say - hold your breath, or breathe shallowly, while applying - it'll dry and dissipate within seconds.

    When I read the ingredients, I doubted. When I smelled it, I doubted. When I woke up that first morning and observed my skin throughout that first day-after, I no longer doubted.

  • October 19, 2014

    by Not easy to convince

    I have worked as a make-up artist and have tried many expensive products only to end up just using Oil of Olay and drinking lots of water. I hate spending money on stuff that does nothing. There are many things in our products that sound scary but in reality are harmless. I am not an expert though so will say this. I have sensitive skin on my neck and it is sun damaged. Nucerity is not only making some progress in making it look smoother but I am not getting any irritation from it. The hair silk is awesome as well -my hair has never felt better. Examples and results I saw on acne prone skin - people we know - has been very good. Everyone poo poos new ideas - who is to say that this combination of tested ingredients that were previously used to treat scars in hospitals is not the new wonder skin treatment? All I can say is that it is starting to work for me. And I am not easy to convince.

  • October 15, 2014

    by ji

    It can cause irritation to your skin and ultimately dermatitis.. Not rocket science people.. Not meant for skin!! Really.. Bottom line its a chemical.. Wtf.. Hairdressers are selling it..

  • October 6, 2014

    by Jayde

    I have just started with this product I have tried EVERYTHING!! And this is the only thing that has helped my skin clear up, and give my confidence. Maybe it's not for everyone but it sure helped me.. And there's nothing more rewarding trying to help others get their confidence. I eat well & excercise & still suffered from acne.

  • September 10, 2014

    by Adele

    I really do laugh when I read all these comments....... Everyone will always have their own opinion of any kind of product.... we are all entitled to our own opinion.

    Skincerity is really not for everyone - end of story. Just like the moisturiser I use is not for everyone.....

    People who go on a rant about Skincerity being bad and harmful and a gimmick are not willing to listen to what is being offered and why it is safe to use. But it is just like my friend tried to tell me about botox being safe to use..... has anyone really looked into what botox really is and what effect it can have on you??

    AND the ones who don't take the time to get themselves educated on Skincerity. In no way am I personally attacking anyone, as another lady pointed out - the point you are missing is... its not the acetone that is doing the healing .. this merely cleanses the skin and flash drys solution!

    Negative feedback or response is usually poor education on a product (ANY product)....

  • September 6, 2014

    by natural lover

    Another big money grab by companies! People there are many ways to achieve the skin you want. It's called eating healthier, getting a good amount of exercise, taking your vitamins and just loving yourself! I have had troubled skin for the majority of my life. I've tried Proactiv for my acne, cortisone creams for my eczema, you name it, I've tried it. I eventually got tired of spending money on products that only gave me results as long as I was using them. I met with a wellness doctor who encouraged me to look at my skin from the inside out - whatever I put inside my body, will eventually show on the outside. He recommended a healthy, proportioned diet, and to avoid things like smoking, excessive drinking, junk foods and anything genetically modified. I also started exercising more. Two years later, I haven't had a breakout (unless I stress or binge eat on junk food! It happens to the best of us), my eczema has been nonexistent, and I feel happier and healthier! Not to mention I've saved hundreds of dollars since I'm not dishing out the money on products and makeup. Seriously, stop looking to money-hungry companies to help you, and start taking care of yourself and be proud of it!

  • August 11, 2014

    by Anon
    Hey guys,

    Look what I found.... surprise, surprise. its pharmaceutical grade acetone and a few other different grades too. Maybe a little more research needed to be done before this article was written.

  • August 6, 2014

    by juepucta

    how surprising, a pyramid scheme gets dissed and all the "success" stories come out of the wood work

  • August 4, 2014

    by Karen

    In the spirit of full disclosure I am going to say immediately that I AM a distributor of NuCerity. I was googling today and came across this "review" of our flagship product Skincerity. Those of you who have come away from reading this "review" with a negative view of our product should know that it is clear the review has been written but the writer has never tried the product. That to me is where I would stop reading - however, from the mixed comments below I felt it was important to speak up. I started distributing Skincerity in February of 2013. Since then I have had over 1300 people on my team use the product. I have heard only of about 10 people who have used the 30 day money back guarantee and returned product. What that tells me logically is people are not against our ingredients and they are definitely seeing whatever result they hoped to see - whether anti-aging or to aid in a skin condition like acne etc. If users of the product were not seeing results they most certainly would be returning the product to the company for a refund. I had one lady who was allergic to grape seed oil and as such had a mild reaction - the product was shipped back - she was given a refund - no questions asked. If you tried to return an open cosmetic to your local store you would be laughed at - NuCerity stands behind their product with this guarantee and my understanding is there is less than a half percent return rate worldwide. If you consider my team's experience 10 of 1300 we are well below the stat the company shares - because of that I know the company is not receiving more than half a percent of product back.

    Acetone - in the form it is used in Skincerity - the moment the product is on the skin it flash dries and evaporates. Acetone does not sit on the skin, it does not absorb into the skin - it does its job of keeping the product liquid in the bottle, cleansing the skin on contact, and evaporating. This evaporation can be proven by the fact that the smell of acetone is gone within less than 5 seconds. The last thing that acetone does is prevents any bacteria from going back into the bottle.
    Acetone is a solvent - it can be used for many purposes - like so many things it is not what it is but how it is used. In Skincerity the Acetone performs specific functions and evaporates.

    This product was developed for medical use (initially) and funded by the National Institute of Health. Do you actually think that the governing body of medical product development in the USA would fund a product that was dangerous? It is really the only question that needs to be answered - again - would the National Institute of Health fund the development of a dangerous product? Would they agree that the ingredients in it are dangerous but allow them to be used in the product and continue to give money to fund clinical studies on the product? Dermatologists commonly use acetone and/or alcohol to cleanse skin before a treatment. Doctors do the same thing. In this product the action of Acetone simple cleanses the skin and is gone.

    Think about this - any of you who dye your hair - you sit for between 25-40 minutes with liquid hair dye on your scalp - of course there is product absorbing into your scalp. Yes, some of you use natural dyes - the majority of the world use regular dye - and for all the blondes out there (myself included) we allow peroxide, bleach etc. to sit on our scalps for the time required to get the look we want. I don't know about you - but isn't that worse than having acetone on your skin for 3 seconds, flash dry with zero absorb?

    I say - give this product a try - if it works for you great - if it doesn't send it back to the company. I know one thing for sure - those that make outrageous claims about anything good or bad are to be questioned - nothing is better than trying something for yourself and seeing whether it works for you. And with the 30 day money back guarantee why wouldn't you?

    By the way...for those who commented the product is hard to get off in the morning - yes - if your skin is dry (and those who have difficulty getting it off have particularly dry skin) keep using it - within a couple of weeks your skin will be moisturized and the product will come off much easier. And moist skin is healthy and robust, fine lines and wrinkles smoothed out - and that is what this product is meant to do. It helps many other skin conditions - but at it's core it is a anti-aging product.

  • July 1, 2014

    by Mom

    I am a distributor for Skincerity and the other 4 products in our lineup. Just want to make a few comments here. Pressure tactics, pressure to sell, is NOT what we are about. I am sorry if any of you have had a bad experience. For acne, it may not work on everyone, some people have bad reactions, it is not a cure all for anything, it simply improves your skins feel, look and hydration. As for the acetone, it is for cleansing purposes and it evaporates within seconds, and the smell dissipates and all you smell is green apples. As with any product you buy, it takes time to see genuine results.

  • June 25, 2014

    by kim

    I used this item for one week. yes, it smells bad , it's acetone.
    I have to hold my breath while I roll it on forehead and use hand fan to blow the smell away, then hold breath to roll it on nose, use fan, ....... till I finish rolling this product all over my face.
    It really is hard to peel dried thin film off of face in the morning.
    So, I use cleansing oil to rub it off.
    It seemed work little bit.
    My face started to show less pore and pimples heal faster.
    But one morning I noticed strange bumps on my face while I rub that film off .
    It was red mark with tiny blsters.
    My facial skin was chemically burned !!!!
    This medical acetone is too strong , and strong enough to burn skin.
    Now my face is very itchy and suffering with burning sensation.
    Be very careful ! and think twice when You put this skincerity product on your face.

  • May 27, 2014

    by Claire

    I think the only accurate thing Marta wrote in this article was "Truthfully I have no idea." It's clear she has never used the product nor actually has any "evidence" that it is harmful. Acetone used in it's capacity in Skincerity isn't actually held against the skin for half an hour as in the case she sites. It flash dries in seconds meaning it has evaporated off the skin. It is not an ACTIVE ingredient. Acetone when used as a nail polish remover is applied as a solvent. It reverts the hardened polish to a liquid with prolonged contact. In Skincerity acetone has three purposes 1) to kill bacteria 2) to keep the polymer in a liquid state (in the bottle, not on your skin) and 3) most importantly, to deliver that polymer onto the skin and dry quickly, creating holes in the polymer coating, allowing air flow to the skin. Please consider that many chemicals are used in cosmetics. Bismuth oxychloride is frequently used in natural mineral foundations. It is anything but natural. It is a by product of lead and copper smelting and is a known irritant yet women still smother their faces in it! Compare that to acetone which is used in dermatology practices to clean and prepare the skin.
    If Marta had done any real research she would have realised that the flouropolymers aren't so much an ingredient as a part of the delivery system. Skincerity can be broken down into two parts The delivery system ie Acetone and the polymers and the active ingredients grapeseed oil and vitamin E. (and of course the body's own moisture trapped beneath the mask and not all over your pillow while you sleep. ) The Flouropolymer is simply a faux second skin to deliver anti ageing and re hydrating anti oxidants to the skin, both the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority maintain that Flouropolymers are safe and reliable in their various uses which range from conduit, films and fire retardant substances to dental floss. Why not in skin care? Why is everyone so up in arms about the ingredients in this product? I can only surmise that the negativity that people have expressed here comes from a place of ignorance in most cases. I doubt they are even nearly as "knowledgeable" about half the things they put on their skin or in their mouths. As an example, McDonalds until recently washed their meat in ammonium hydroxide to take it from worse than dog food to barely edible and people scoffed it down. Take the time to research or better still try something before blindly ripping it off.

  • April 24, 2014

    by Jennifer

    I had a very bad experience with this product but it was more to do the agents pressure tactics that I try it and sell it myself. After months of badgering I reluctantly agreed to try it for myself and a friend. We tried Skincerity but didn't think it was worth the money as it was hard to remove, smelled bad when you applied it and didn't seem to work any better than other products on the market. Unknown to me, the agent set up a membership in my name and two months later I had a Fedex package sent to me from NuCerity. I hadn't ordered anything from this company so didn't make any arrangements to collect the package and it got sent back. I then noticed that my credit card had been used to pay for the products. I emailed and told them that I had not ordered any products and wanted to make a complaint but was told that they don't have a Complaints Department to resolve these issues. How can some-one set up a membership using your name, address and credit card details? Why won't NuCerity investigate? Not impressed! My bank suggested I try to sort it out with them if I had no satisfaction, the bank would pursue the company on fraud charges. When I emailed NuCerity with this information I was promptly reimbursed for the products and told my membership (which I hadn't set up) had been closed. BEWARE. That is all!

  • January 23, 2014

    by Lisa

    I did use this product for almost one year believing the hype at first. It does tighten skin initially and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Having said that, the product does have ingredients in it which are concerning.
    One thing I cannot get across enough is that it only works a little. It does not take away age spots - it fades them slightly. It did not help my daughter's moderate acne - we opted for a prescription from the dermatologist and that works as well as for wrinkles. Yes, it originates from the Network Marketing Model. If you watch some of the videos of those promoting it and using it - they don't look any different or better than those using other products.
    I also found it to make a horrible mess in the morning to clean off. Right now, the hype and marketing is what is driving the interest and frankly the entire program is built on 'dream making' and promises of amazing residual income. You can find equally effective products without the concerning ingredients (just get educated on what are acceptable ingredients in cosmetics) and at a better price.

  • December 27, 2013

    by annette

    To anyone using this product- it's acetone!!! full stop, I am a Cosmetic Chemist with Degrees and Qualifications!
    and Science says that it's Acetone with vitamin e and grapeseed oil
    - what's the purpose of putting acetone with vitamin e and grapeseed oil -pointless
    just use the vitamin e and grapeseed oil and that's much safer and natural on it's own!..
    and if you all believe this is good for your skin then number 1. you are wasting your hard earned money and 2. you are as arrogant and ignorant as the rest who use it. Why would you want to put acetone on your skin??
    It's all MLM-that's it!... with acetone -and it is what you remove nail polish with..

  • November 7, 2013

    by antonia park

    i have tried this product and my face and neck turn red and was burning. I don't want any of my friend to experience should not put acetone on your skin.

  • October 30, 2013

    by Becky

    I am most certain this wont' get posted but what the heck.
    Most people that post negative review are trying to sell you something else they profit from. They are trying to knock the competition and people fall for it every time. They also bash what they do not understand. You don't know how your toaster works exactly but it works anyway. Calling MLM a pyramid scheme is ignorant and the government loves people that want to be a slave to the system so way to go on that one. Pyramid scheme involves no product. Just keep on filling the big Corporations pockets instead of your neighbors that is wanting to run their own business. Yea that will help the world. I am not in this business but know a bunch of horse crap when I smell it. Saying you almost died from a roll on stick c'mon the company would never have made it this far if it had those kind of effects. Oh and on that note keep taking all the pills you take that have 1,000 side effects because you hope to feel better. Hypocrisy sickening ignorant people. Keep buying the BS and mis information being fed to you. Oh and 90% of all beauty products will eventually kill you anyway no one is any different then the other even ones that tout they have natural ingredients.
    For all those using this product and posting your results fearlessly, good for you!! You did not let ignorance stop you from trying something even though it is MLM.

  • September 19, 2013

    by Jennifer

    I understand that some of you didn't have good luck with the product or have not tried it all all, but there is good and bad in a lot of things. I think that almost every product out in the market today has had someone say " don't use it its bad for you!" Ranging from chewing gum , face and body lotions , herbal suppliments , to all kinds of food and beverages ect.. I however am a lover of this product. I have had cystic acne for years , causing giant bumps on top of bump on top of painful bumps all over my face causing scaring. I had tried a multitude of products ranging from Acutane ( which has its own possible bad sides) , to gels that took my skin off, and proactive that caused an allergic reaction in my face that caused it to swell up. Now don't get me wrong there are a large amount of people that these products have worked for , just not me. I tried Skincerity when a bottle was given to me and I was told just to try it. I didn't see results right away and I decided to stick with it anyways, after about 3 weeks of regular use my bumps started going down, and the pain was going away , my face within a month was almost completely cleared of what I hadn't been able to clear in years! I heard that it helped a large range of things as well including eczema (which I knew my niece had) , So bad actually on her leg that she wouldn't wear shorts and was incredibly embarrassed of it and she was also in a lot of pain. I asked if she would let me roll it on her and my sister called me a couple days later and said "what did you put on her?" I told her Skincerity and she said that it has almost completely disappeared in 48 hours!! Now I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion but im not knocking what another product that didn't work for me has done for you , but you must understand that there is a lot of people in this world that this product is making a huge impact (life changing to be exact) and calling people "crazy or stupid" isn't fair because to some it is their own personal choice and is working very well . Again just my own story and im sorry you have had no luck with the product but before scaring other people away, let them try it on their own , it may change their life as well or someone they know . Thank you

  • July 17, 2013

    by Diane

    There has been a scientist that has looked at the ingredient list of this product, and he said that this product is probably the worst thing that can be put on your face. Acetone as the very first ingredient is not impressive.

  • May 29, 2013

    by LH

    If this product is so good, why then aren't they selling it in the stores...well, because it's just another gimmick to get people to part from their money and enter a pyramid scheme but they need a product to do so to be legal in Canada and the US...and yes, check out the sites from medical facts about acetone, "medical grade" oh please, where does this info come from but from those that are trying to sell you a so called product that is going to work miracles. Wow, years of acne, gone, no scars all because they used this product....why isn't it in doctors office's then if it's so good...MLM...that's why, sign all your family and friends up so you then can make residuals on every sale they make...I've seen one lady on a local cable show promoting this product, and was I surprised when she said she was turning 51, I would have thought she was well into her 60's...yikes...and she's been wearing it for several years now...scary

  • May 2, 2013

    by denise

    There are always going to be a few people with every product food etc that will have a reaction... the aceton dried the product within 3 seconds it has an apple scent. granted some people do not like this personally i quite like it. I have not had any bad feedback yet and have returning customers each monthas they love this product.. The acetone does not enter the skin at all it is a topical masque ie sits on TOP of the skin! I have lots of before and after pics of customers who are over the moon at how this has helped them with Psoriasis Eczema aging skin and scars whree creams and steroids from the doctors have failed! this is completely safe for babies up to elderly.... it took 7 years testing before this was released, and was originally developed for Cancer and Diabetes patients with sore skin... There is NO medication in this and all that enters the skin is Vitamin E and Greapeseed oil and so the only thing you could be allegic to which made you breakout would be grapeseed oil!! I for one as a distributor love the Feedback from customers over the moon to finally not have to deal with sore skin and overal confidence being restored!! come see before and after pictures to see what this can do on my facebook page SKINSURITY SCOTLAND...

  • April 18, 2013

    by Kim ross

    Anyone who has anything good to say about a product that contains accetone that they recommend you put it on your face is ridiculous. I used the product for three days did not read what was in it. First day I thought wow this is strong this could poison someone,by second day my face felt so dried out and I felt like crap I woke up at 5:00am washed it off .Where usually I would wake at 9am. Third day of wearing it I knew my whole body was being affected by the accetone at 4am I washed it off it was making me feel like crap and irritated. It destroyed the skin in the roof of my mouth ,it has destroyed my sinuses that are still in need of serious repair. My chest started to hurt . I had a headache that would not go away,but by fourth day it is starting to go away. I was getting so dizzy and having to vomit, my whole body by 4 day was aching so bad. I went to the doctor who told me they could not help me I would have to go to the hospital cause I have accetone poisoning. Which I already knew that I had poisoning cause the national poison control center advised me of what the accetone does to you. See by third day I decided to look what was in this product,which I seen was accetone a product our workers use in our paint shop, but they wear a mask because long use of accetone will damage your brain,which that has happend to a family member of ours who for years did not wear a mask. And yes their same old story goes your body has accetone in it,we'll maybe so but we are not breathing it in daily likevyou are with skincerity.See anytime we use accetone to take paint off our skin it dries the skin out sometimes burn and do not inhale it cause it will damage you internally. They claim their is only 5 percent accetone,not sure if they screwed up on our bottle cause it seems and has the odour of being 100 percent accetone. In this day in age it is about being healthy. Not lkilling yourself to look young. See I believed in the girl what she was saying about the product that it wont harm you,who offered me this product, cause she seen I was in network marketing but actually tried to offer me the buisness first.. I am sorry anyone who suggests a person should put accetone on their skin is crazy especially to say use it daily. See if you go to a plastic surgeon and go for a peel which has chemicals in it ,their is a reason why they say you cannot get another peel for a period of time. Any daily use of accetone will sooner or later destroy your health . My husband had tried to put it on his knee cause he has bad skin and it burned his knee so bad. I am sorry to say in my life it is about helping and caring for others never in my life would I want to offer a product to someone that it may kill. I am a person of great faith and now all I have is my faith to try heal and fix myself and the damage and suffering I am going through right now. You can find me on FB from yorkton,Saskatchewan This is sometimes how the world works they do not care about the health of the people but what money their is to be made. And this is a true testimony to the fact as the representative said that I am the first to be badly affected by this. Which is not true by other stories you hear but are not as bad as mine

  • April 2, 2013

    by denise

    Kelly fyi.... The Skincerity creates a Breathable Plaster which KEEPS the bodies nutrients INSIDE the body whilst allowing the airs natural OXYGEN into the body.. so there goes your theory about it being what it put on your skin... the skincerity's magic is HOW is works :) p.s baby wipes have acetone in them do you not use these on your babies bums? ... i used this on my sons eczema after triyng a steroid from the doctor! i am not happy about using something that thins my sons skin.... after only 2 days we had better results that i had after nearly 2 weeks using a steroid! result in my book

  • April 2, 2013

    by denise

    I have read some of these comments... the point you are missing is... its not the acetone that is doing the healing .. this merely cleanses the skin and flash drys solution.. its the way in which the cream drys into a breathable masques and lets the body heal itself through the night that makes it soo fantastic! This is a complete must have for cosmetic or even just for your first aid box.... you should have a look on my website which explains all about how it works and how it was developed for Cancer and diabetes patients with sores etc!! you can also buy here if you wanted to. Please do not judge something you havent tried it!

  • March 11, 2013

    by Meghan

    Well, I am someone who truly does not use any cosmetic or chemical in my home or on my kids or myself... (read vinegar and baking soda for cleaning!). A friend of mine used skincerity on her stretchmarks for 4 months and although i was jealous of her results i didn't want to put anything so unnatural on my skin. I definitely judged her for being so vain or flippant about her health... but... I researched the product ingredients and company inside and out, backwards and forwards.... anyway long story short I did try it, referred friends and family to try it, and joined the company. My sister doesn't need cortisone cream on her eczema. My father doesn't need to wear a scarf to protect sensitive scars on his neck from cancer treatments. My friend doesn't need to wear cosmetic foundations to feel confident about her face! I do have a different perspective than most 'reps' and would be happy to tell you what i learned when i was researching! I'm on facebook- skincerity chilliwack... or email me.

  • February 21, 2013

    by Jaymie

    Many ppl who have not tried skincerity are incredibly rude and judgemental on here, it is currently clearing my pregnancy stretch marks, wrinkles, and acne scars, all with results! So much so that my farmer husband is putting it on dry red frostbite patches on his face that show up every winter. His dry skin is gone, my acne scars are gone, and my stretch marks are so faded I can hardly tell where to apply skincerity to them anymore! Don't knock it too you try it! And if it sucks, you still get your money back after a month. Win win. Be a learned critic, not an ignorant one.

  • February 8, 2013

    by Margaret

    All I know is this; I am 65 years of age and have suffered with serious facial eczema for most of my life. I have used prescription meds, which do help, but do not completely take it away. Within 3 days of using this product (started Novermber 2012) my eczema was completely gone. Still being a skeptic, I decided to 'test' to see whether it may be a 'coincidence' that my skin cleared so quickly. Soooo I stopped using Skincerity for 3 nights....Sure enough I awakened with full-scale eczema. I went back to using Skincerity and, once again, my eczema disappeared. No more 'testing' for me. I will use this forever. (Yes, it has reduced my wrinkles too...but I'm in for the eczema problem and feel so great to no loger have to wear foundation.)

  • February 8, 2013

    by Pam

    I get deep cracks around my thumbnails right down to flesh in the winter. Very painful & ugly. 3 days of using Skincerity and the flesh is healed over and the crack is almost closed up. Works for me!

  • February 3, 2013

    by Christian

    I work in a high end spa in Las Vegas, I've done skin care for 16 years. The health and safety of my clients and their skin is my number one concern. I have seen Skincerity used on 100's of people. I have never seen one product work like this one! There are different forms of acetone. The type of acetone used in nail polish remover would never be able to be used in a pharmaceutical grade product. Once you have a demo of it on your skin you'll see how the acetone is gone in 2-3 seconds. It creates the healthiest skin I have ever seen. Plus your face isn't the only place you use it on. My personal favorite is skin with acne or a burn. It's magic! Most of my clients stop wearing make-up. My redness was so much better just after a few weeks people stopped asking me if I had a sunburn everywhere I went. It really is magic and we have real pictures from real people to back it up. You can even use it on half your face and see it do amazing things for you. I refer products for a living to people and if people didn't love what I refer I wouldn't stay in business.

  • January 2, 2013

    by Cindy

    Can I get a verdict on this product long term, since I am still testing it out? I was very concerned about acetone in this product. thanks.

  • November 2, 2012

    by Kim

    I wish the reviewer would have tried Skincerity before posting this, or at least done their research! The acetone is only in contact with your skin for seconds, and it's purpose is to clean your skin & flash dry the polymers, meanwhile poking microscopic holes in the mask, allowing your skin to breath. This stuff is amazing, and I've seen it work on SO many people's various skin conditions! If you're interested in hearing more, or possibly trying a bottle with a 30-day money back guarantee, go check out my website and/or contact me!

  • November 1, 2012

    by Brenda

    @Kelly and Scott - and if one eats all the "right" things according to you, one will have wonderful skin? Not everyone is that lucky, Rosacea, acne, excessively dry or oily skin, freckles, scars, broken blood vessels around scars - eating right will not fix. Skincerity is not a "cure" it's an assistant that helps to make you happier in your skin, which generally leads to being a more confident person. Sure there are fools who will pay anything for "miraculous" products. Skincerity doesn't claim miracles - it was designed to help your skin heal itself. And given the environments we live in today, our skin needs all the help it can get.

  • September 8, 2012

    by scott

    Kelly is right, if you can't put it in your mouth..don't put it on your skin.

  • August 26, 2012

    by Jen

    Make sure you are careful when you use other products with it as it will hold it against your skin until it is washed off. If you had a chemical burn it may be something that was on your skin as well as the sincerity.

  • September 29, 2011

    by ERIN

    I have been using Skincerity for about 4 months and have noticed a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels. It feels smooth, soft and dewy and a lot of the redness has disappeared, and my freckles have lightened etc. Although it is not a miracle cure for wrinkles etc, it does make them look softer and is the best product I have ever used so far and I will continue to use it. Yes, the acetone has a strong smell but it dissipates within seconds and then I can only smell a light apple scent. Yes, it is expensive but not as expensive as some of the other alternatives out there and 1 bottle lasts me 2 months and I use it every night. I love it.

  • August 10, 2011

    by Shannon

    I have tried this product and was amazed in two weeks how much better my roseacea was...and in 5 weeks it was almost completely gone and then in just under 8 weeks I no longer wear foudation to cover up my bad I know have beautiful skin...when you feel this great about your feel wonderful inside. First of all Doctors use Acetone for cleansing and preparing the skin before doing medical procedures...the acetone is used to kill any bacteria on your face. My daughter used this product on her eczema in just 3 days her eczema was almost completley I ask you ...would your rather put a Steroid cream on your child and hope it works or a product that yes has acetone and is not absorbed into the skin or a steroid cream that destroys the skin??? I have seen miracles with this product and every person I have told about this product cannot live with out it...if you nay sayers actually understood this product and what it's original purpose was and that 7 million dollars were given to the developement of this product by the National Insitute of Health you would understand how much this product is changing the lives of those of us who really need this product

  • July 20, 2011

    by Dawn

    I was approached by a man who lives in my building and spoke very highly of this product. I asked what was the size for this $100. product (price he told me and said he could give me for $80.) he told me "4 inches." When a product is priced so high and the size is unknown wouldn't it be great if there was a sample available? The best products I have ever purchased had samples available.Who knows if it works...I once used nail polish remover on my face because I thought it was sea breeze (late at night)my skin was very soft.

  • May 26, 2011

    by Dawn

    Skincerity is meant for long term skin care use. You could use it to help your immediate issues, but I feel like I want to look this good forever!! Our skin loses up to 65% of its moisture at night, and this is the leading cause of skin damage and wrinkles. Skincerity is rolled on the face at night forming a thin second skin which has tiny porous holes that allow oxygen in, but the holes are too tiny to let your moisture out. Thus the body can then do what it is designed to do, repair itself. I believe it helps with so many other skin issues as well, because it doesnt have to work so hard to keep us hydrated! It can be used anywhere you have a skin issue, and who knows, it just might work for you! I have seen soooo many amazing ways it has helped people ! I am in for life!

  • May 19, 2011

    by Susan

    Acetone pros and cons, aside, I wish I knew the purpose of this product. What is meant to

    Is it meant to be used for short-term as health care to clear up skin or is it meant to be used as long-term skin care?

  • May 19, 2011

    by Lesley

    All I can say to those of you who think Skincerity is a hoax do some research and see that it was approved by dermatologists when it first was made. It has helped so many people with all kinds of issues not just wrinkles. It is an amazing product so go and do your homework before posting bad things about this amazing product.

  • October 20, 2010

    by Kirstin

    All of you that are scared of the "acetone" in Skincerity, seriously, people pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a DOCTOR to burn their skin off with acetone for a chemical peel! Why are these people paying in excess of $2500 per treatment (the recommended treatments are 2-3 per year)?? These "chemical peel" people swear by it and don't see anything wrong with having irritated red skin for 2 weeks after.. i find something VERY WRONG with the actual medical process than a bottle of Skincerity!

  • September 18, 2010

    by TJ

    Well, after dealing with adult acne for the past 7 years or so, trying all the different prescription medications including acutane (sp?) & Retin A, Skincerity has been the only thing to clear up my skin. It is well worth the $90 to me as all the prescriptions only ran me about $3 each but didn't help at all. Plus now I get the benefit of younger looking skin as a bonus! I will definitely continue using Skincerity!

  • September 15, 2010

    by ClistyB

    I have my first application on right now. Will be interesting to see if it works. I've aged 20 years (it seems) in the 7 I've spent living in the desert. I'd love to see if this really locks in moisture, I
    need that.
    The acetone doesn't bother me. If you analyzed ingredients in every product you use, you're bound to be surprised. You could be writing articles like this one all day long, I'm

  • September 2, 2010

    by Slim

    Before anyone judges this product, perhaps they should research it, test it, try it, just as the lab did for SIX years before they sold it!

    Nuff Said!

  • September 2, 2010

    by JL

    Everyone freaks when they hear acetone is in it, but did you know that acetone is produced by the human body as part of normal metabolic processes?
    Acetone is commonly used in the skin rejuvenation process in medical offices and medical spas. It is used in many medical and cosmetic applications and as a component of food additives and packaging.

    Just thought people should make informed choices!!

  • August 26, 2010

    by Melony

    Well i have tried it and I feel like an idiot. I used it for the recommended 2 weeks plus for results and all I got was skin irritation and disturbed sleep. Plus my friend who used it with me got an actual chemical burn from it around her nose area. So take it from someone who has used it. Stay away!

  • August 11, 2010

    by Johanna

    I admit, I thought this product has the craziest list of ingredients, but when you understand how the product works, it makes more sense. It's not your traditional skincare, where you are trying to get active ingredients to absorb deeply into the skin. It's a masque that sits on top of the skin and traps the natural goodness already in the skin, and therefore heals itself. The acetone doesn't irritate the skin because it's only of it for a second. Have you even tried this product? It dries within seconds because they used the fastest evaporating product that doesn't harm the skin -- acetone. There is more acetone in 8 mcintosh apples than 1 bottle of skincerity. The polymers act something like a liquid bandaid. Have you ever seen those sprays in labs that you put on if you have a burn or something? It's the same idea. Only Skincerity is developed to be breathable, since oxygen is necessary to heal skin.

    My skin is extremely sensitive, and used to be dry and chapped. This product completely healed it up, without any irritation whatsoever. I wouldn't knock it til you tried it! Definitely worth every penny.

  • June 30, 2010

    by Nancy

    As a 3rd generation Beauty Industry Professional... and Cosmetologists since 1968, I will tell you many things have come and gone including hair color where we had to have signs hanging in the salon that stated, much like the cigarette packages of today, "may be harmful to ones health" and by the way, isn't even breast feeding considered by some a health risk? My point being things are not as simple as saying “use nail polish remover (Acetone) for the same result” as Skincerity.
    Pleeeeeease, after looking at the complete technology with the science and research, then make a choice, after all if I told you, YOU were not worth $90 you may be upset with me!
    Remember R&D isn't FREE. Isn’t that why so many people will pay huge amounts of $$$ for their pharmaceuticals and expect the insurance company to absorb it while they pay a tiny co pay! Would you love Skincerity if your insurance paid for it with that same tiny co pay,hmmm... especially if it kept you from wrinkling up into the raisin you will become when you are so dehydrated your face looks like the Sahara desert after a rain storm!
    BUT, if in the end, you’re not worth $90, that is your opinion of yourself, and no amount of beautification will change that. I am reminded of the barber that fixes $6 hair cuts!

    In closing I will share my father and one time business partner's death bed message to me… "Remember honey… quality before quantity" He was seeing the coming changes getting ready to hit the beauty industry, speed was becoming the mantra of the new designer… where razor cuts were replacing scissor techniques and the 45 minute service was reduced to the 20 minute “quickie”.
    Change IS good… keeps us on our toes, but make a decision from ‘Knowledge’.
    Pretend you are going in for brain surgery… would you just off the bat choose the cheapest DR?

  • May 11, 2010

    by Becca

    Happy to see that someone else has done their research on the ingrediants in this product. After all, it does cost almost $90 for something that has the main ingrediant of ACETONE! you can buy a bottle of acetone for $0.78 so maybe try like the lady above before paying that much for a cheaply made product.

  • February 18, 2010

    by Jaysie

    This sounds almost like true quackery, but I say 'almost' for a reason. I've been removing nail polish with acetone removers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for several decades, often without washing my hands immediately afterward. The skin around my nails suffers none of the age spots, sun damage, various pigmentation issues, and skin tags that my face and hands do. Hmm...I might try swiping my hands with the polish remover for the next couple of months and see what happens. Maybe this belongs in the "everything in moderation" department?

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