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SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System Review

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Lip Lines
skinmedica tns lip plump system
February 22, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A two-step lip treatment that does little more than moisturize lips


Step One deeply moisturizes


Step One doesn't reduce lip lines

by Gretchen

The SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System ($58) is a two-step lip treatment that is presented in two slim twist-up tubes.

Step One is the TNS Lip Renewal. Interestingly enough, it instructs the user to apply the product not only directly to the lips, but also to the lip contour (I guess the lip contour is the area that extends about 1/8"-1/4" beyond the natural lip line). Since I am a woman over 50, I was encouraged that the treatment might plump up the area around my lips which seems to deflate and wrinkle as we age. It made sense that treating the structure that surrounds the lips might help recreate the pillowy fullness that we have when we're young. I hoped it might also address the little lines that radiate out from my lips and provide tiny escape routes for most lipsticks and glosses, giving me the look of a bloodied maw rather than a voluptuous, well-defined pout.

Unfortunately, TNS Lip Renewal didn't inflate my lip contour and stretch those lip lines into non-existence. What it did do was provide a deeply moisturizing treatment for my lips. This is a light, non-sticky, very comfortable layer that soaks in, but I could tell it was still there doing some good. It made my lips look smooth and healthy. However, one annoyance was that it didn't play well with lipstick — I had to wait for quite a while before I could apply it without it pilling. This may be due to the exfoliation powers of the treatment, which isn't a bad thing, but perhaps it should be sold as a single treatment, not as something to be worn under a gloss or lipstick. Overally, Step One made my lips look and feel moisturized, but with continued use (once a day), I didn't see any reduction in lip lines or long-lasting plumped lips.

Step Two in this system is a clear plumping gloss that can be used alone or over Step One. I felt the usual slight stinging sensation one feels from the various "irritants" that are used to redden and slightly swell the lips — and my lips did look a teensy bit more full — but any plumping gloss helps lips look rosier, fuller and smoother. The effect disappears as the gloss is worn or washed off. Again, I didn't see any of the long-lasting fullness this product promises.

While I would recommend Step One as a good lip treatment, I don't think it improves the wrinkles around the lip contour, nor does it plump. Since I only tested it for about a month, I cannot attest to any improvements with continued use or when it's applied more than once a day. I would recommend it be sold separately for a much lower price.

Step Two didn't impress me with any benefits that a much less expensive lip plumper couldn't accomplish.

At $58 for the system, it's a steep price to pay for results that can be had with two less expensive products.

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