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SkinOwl Neck+ Concentrate Review

is a Solution for:
Age Spots, Dry Skin, Fine Lines, Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles
SkinOwl Neck+ Concentrate
February 17, 2017 Reviewed by Ki 0 Comments
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The natural neck cream delivers skin that looks smooth and supple with creases visibly reduced in just weeks


Smooths neck rings and rivulet lines on the chest



Although I often pay compulsive attention to the minute changes accumulating on my face as I age, I always figured my neck would be just as happy with the leftovers of whatever serum, spray or cream I slathered above the jawline. Really, I assume that smoother skin around my ever-more hooded but lively eyes would always pull focus from the the wattle, so I spent most of my beauty budget on eye cream.

Although my attempt to grow old gracefully is periodically threatened by the missives about the latest miraculous and expensive products, I mostly feel that if I let myself focus on what is right with my skin and my life at 60-something, I am better off in the long run. Plus, I am really busy. However, as the funny Nora Ephron wrote, “I feel bad about my neck” when I focus on it. So, I welcomed the chance to test and review SkinOwl Neck+ ($68 in the shop), which claims to be “a super-smoothing and contouring neck concentrate.”

The concentrate is a gel — translucent and pleasant with very little odor.  It kind of feels like an aloe vera gel (it’s the second most predominant ingredient after “organic herbal infusion”), and the bottle states to massage it into a damp neck and décolleté. I have done this, religiously, every night and most mornings. It applies easily, absorbs quickly and skin immediately looks supple.

SkinOwl Neck+ Concentrate contains a blend of healing herbs, restorative plant extracts and a hydrating Ocean Mineral Complex. Some noteworthy ingredients include anti-inflammatory witch hazel (also a natural toner), skin-softening Irish moss and the wonder spice turmeric, which helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. High on the ingredient list you will also find methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). According to research, MSM helps form connective tissue in skin (think collagen) and gives keratin its strength, therefore smoothing and tightening. Additionally, spirulina has been included to help slow down the aging of cells.

After a month of use, I saw a bit of an improvement in the depth of the “rivulet wrinkles” on the décolleté. These are the ones where, if you press your arms into your sides (the way a bra does if you want some oomph in the cleavage), you get those grooves in the center that look like your face maybe melted down your chest. Those seemed less deep. And the skin on my neck was smoother, however, I still have the crepe-y lines at the base of the throat.  

Probably, at this point, some women in my boat would just go under the knife. But I’m almost 65 and I really can’t imagine I’d want to let anyone chop on me at this point. So I didn’t give up. Happily, I can report that two weeks later there was more improvement in those neck rings and a continuing lessening in the chest rivulet lines. I’m sold — I think this stuff works! If you dedicate the time and consistency, I strongly believe you will see smoothing results, too. 

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