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Skinveda Calendula Horsechestnut Firming and Moisturising Crème Review

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Fine Lines
December 21, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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No impact on wrinkles

By Veronica

As a proponent of Ayurvedic medicine  (a fact not  previously known to Truth in Aging)  I was very happy to receive Skinveda's Calendula Horsechestnut Firming and Moisturising Crème ($70 in the shop) to test. I was asked to use it for one month. I am a fair, somewhat thin-skinned Caucasian, of over 65 years, with no skin issues other than some lines, wrinkles and decreasing firmness. My normal-to-dry skin is in a good state from years of organic  skin care. My habit is to use two moisturizers, one on either side of my face and then to continue using whichever one works better. 

As one would expect for an Ayurvedic product, the ingredient list comprises leaf, seed and flower extracts and oils. There was absolutely nothing questionable. There was one ingredient I did not recognize, however, dhatelo oil. Apparently it has a lipid profile which matches that of our skin (good) and comes from high in the Himalayas (so is presumably uncontaminated).  Dhatelo promises nourishment, purification, barrier repair and photo- protection to the skin. The list did not state that every product is organic. A question to the owner of Skinveda provided an instant response. The ingredients are not USDA organic certified, but organic oils and ingredients are incorporated. The creme is PETA certified, gluten free and vegan.

The left side of my face has more marked wrinkles and sagging than the right, so I decided to see if using the creme on the left side morning and evening would make it a closer match with the right side in one month. 

The creme is dispensed from a reasonably efficient pump. Light in texture, it absorbs easily and has only the faintest natural, non-scented aroma. (I was trying to find an aroma. Otherwise I would not have noticed it).  Early morning face-splashing revealed that there was still some product on the surface of the skin.  There was no sensitivity after using a depilatory or an exfoliant. With or without make-up this creme does not cause shine. Application of make-up did sometimes result in pilling.

Somewhere between two and three weeks of use I noticed a slight change in an area below the left end of the lower lip. This area has wrinkles, is slightly crepey and sags a bit.  From this time to the end of the month there was a little continued improvement in that area regarding both wrinkles and firmness.

There was also a very little brightening of the skin on the whole of this side of the face over the four weeks. I would not have noticed it had I not been using a different product on the other side of my face and had I not been really looking for change.

Unfortunately, I could detect no improvement in vertical forehead lines (I have no horizontal ones), or in lines around the eyes or lips. 

So, for me, the results are a gentle improvement of firmness and line reduction in one area of the face in one month, but not in other areas. Minimal skin brightening is a second benefit. This corresponds with the product's name promising firmness and the benefit list promising skin brightening.

This would seem to be a clean, balanced quality product that may well deliver the desired results over time. 

  • January 25, 2018

    by Shilpi

    Dear Veronica,

    I appreciate your candid review of Skinveda's Calendula Horsechestnut Firming & Moisturizing Creme. It sure does have skin brightening properties due to the presence of licorice and quinoa milk alongwith Sweet Orange Oil. The slight tackiness is due to the natural gums and emulsifiers which dissipates within a few seconds of application. I suggest waiting out 30 seconds before applying make up. For a better effect on wrinkles, my suggestion is to take a few drops of the Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil alongwith the Calendula cream and massage into face, neck and decolletage.

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