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Skinveda Calendula Horsechestnut Firming & Moisturizing Creme Review

Skinveda Calendula Horsechestnut Firming & Moisturizing Creme
October 4, 2018 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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Recommended - a classy creme that moisturizes and heals


No shine, no pilling, no fragrance



By Jeana

I absolutely love to see when a company brings science and nature together to create a product line that actually does what it says and stays free of synthetic chemicals. Skinveda is a prime example of this and I was lucky to be able to try out their Calendula Horsechestnut Firming & Moisturizing Crème ($70 in the shop) for the past month.

I checked out Skinveda's website first to get a feel for their products and took the skin type Vikriti quiz offered on the main page (I had Vata Dosha results). Skinveda's founder explains Vikriti and Ayurveda, which her products are based upon, saying that "Vikriti or V is your current state of mind-body balance..." and by finding out the current state you can obtain the correct skincare to "normalize the skin conditions based on your imbalances".

Usually, I do not use a moisturizer because so far I haven't found one I really like and the ones I have tried always seemed to affect how my makeup sat on my skin throughout the day; mainly by making my face shinier than usual. However I was glad to be able to start using this particular one and wanted to give it a chance, especially for the areas on the sides of my nose that tend to become dry. Winter is right around the corner as well and it's good to have something to turn to when in need of extra moisture!

This particular one from Skinveda contains dhatelo oil which according to Skinveda's website "mimics our skin's lipid profile and delivers the benefits of photo-protection nourishment, barrier repair and dermopurification". Other key ingredients are horsechestnut seeds and quinoa milk peptides which work together to firm the skin.

The packaging is classy as the creme arrived in a brown, frosted glass bottle. Most products are in plastic so that was a nice surprise. It's a generous amount in the bottle as well, starting with 1.7 oz. I have used two pumps daily and still have plenty after a month's worth of use. As for my routine in the morning I wash my face with either my Scandic or Expurtise facial cleanser, then apply my facial serum by Expurtise. Next I put on Skinveda's moisturizing crème, which is white and has no artificial fragrance. I believe that people with sensitivities to any fragrance, artificial or natural alike, will appreciate that there's nothing added here.

It was incredibly quick to soak in and I was able to put on my makeup as usual with no pilling. By the end of the day my face was not overly shiny and had a nice glow about it. I would be curious to see if this creme provides firming action with continued use, but as of now I only felt a bit of a tightening effect after application, especially over my eyelids which felt nice.

Now I have to mention a few good points for the testing of the product which was situationally not the best for me. This was the fact that I got to test out its healing properties on a burn that I had received from a hair straightener, as well as on a flare up of dermatitis on both ear lobes from a metal allergy I never knew I had to a pair of earrings. It may have been the calendula in this creme that worked exceptionally well at helping to heal both occurrences. My burn healed nicely after only a couple days of putting on the creme and fortunately for me the dermatitis from the allergy was significantly reduced by the end of the day.

I have to say I am very pleased with Skinveda Calendula Horsechestnut Firming & Moisturizing Creme and the Skinveda philosophy to promote wellness. I would definitely recommend this skincare line to anyone!

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