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March 27, 2018 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Suitable for skins with redness and flare-ups

By Bev

As a woman now in her middle sixties, I have mature and sun-damaged skin, but with a good balance of oily to normal. I love products that get close to reproducing the plumped up glowing skin of my youth and I try to avoid chemicals and synthetics as often as possible. Since I’ve had positive experiences with Ayruvedic healing modalities, I was excited to try Skinveda’s Replenishing Serum ($80) for a few different reasons. Created by a scientist with a love and appreciation for the ancient Indian tradition of Ayruveda, Skinveda is a plant based medicinal system utilizing herbs and botanicals.

According to the Skinveda website the key ingredient in the serum is Oat Peptides. The following comes direct from Skinveda’s website: “These gluten free oats (oats peptides) act as a film-former to impart protection and moisturization. It also has been shown to improve skin’s elasticity. Avenanthrmamides in oats have been shown to be the main group of active polyphenol antioxidants responsible for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic (anti-itch) and antihistamine properties.”

The product also contains a triple mineral complex of Magnesium aspartate, Zinc gluconate and copper gluconate, all of which together “stimulates the cellular respiration process along with horsechestnut that works towards increasing micro circulation.” The usage of horsechestnut especially popped out at me as I used to take horsechestnut supplements when I had long periods of being on my feet as it greatly aids in circulatory problems, varicose veins, swelling in the legs, etc. It makes sense that it would be part of a formulation in calming the skin.

My normal morning and evening routine is to wash my face with an oil-based cleanser. Sometimes I buy one and sometimes I make my own out of a combo of rose oil, jojoba and argan oil. After cleansing I pat on a toner usually a rose and witch hazel concoction followed by the Skinveda Replenishing Serum, after which I applied a moisturizer and an SPF. I should also add that I use my Truth Vitality Lux Renew fairly religiously in the morning and would use the Replenishing Serum underneath the aloe gel I use to keep my skin lubricated as I make the necessary passes with the Lux Renew.

The Replenishing Serum comes in an attractive amber glass bottle with the product delivered via a plastic pump dispenser. The directions suggest four to five drops on the fingertips to then be dabbed onto the skin, but I found it difficult to control the dispenser and was frustrated at times by the way the product spurted out in different directions. It wasn’t a huge problem but if you’re anything like me you may have noticed how little things like that can become weirdly stressful. I, for one, do not like wasting anything especially a high end product.

Part of the dispenser issue could be due to the viscosity of the serum. Unlike most serums I’ve used in the past, Skinveda doesn’t glide on like a lubricant, which I had mistakenly believed it would. My hopes for the product were that it would plump my skin leaving behind a healthy glow but the viscosity of Replenishing Serum is more like a thin caramel-colored gel.  Considering the ingredients this makes perfect sense since one of the main ingredients is potato starch, as well as aloe vera leaf extract.

Unlike an oil-based serum, the Skinveda serum does not glide on and is sticky until it dries on the skin. There’s no particular scent either other than a light medicinal odor similar to my memory of the smell of iodine, the go to remedy for cuts and scrapes in my very scrape-ridden childhood. But any scent the product contains fades as soon as it is absorbed into the skin. I have to say the stickiness and the light Iodine odor were somewhat off putting to me. Especially the stickiness as it seemed to take some time to dry and I didn’t want to go forward with my next step of moisturizing until the Skinveda serum had been absorbed. And I’m not the most patient person in the world.

I did feel a slight tightening effect on my skin as the serum dried but was unable to assess whether the product was really having any significant impact on my skin’s texture. To be fair, the Skinveda Replenishing Serum has a specific designation as an aid for particular skin problems, namely redness from rosacea or sunburns and facial treatments. So perhaps if I’d been suffering with facial redness as a result of one of these issues, I would have seen a more noticeable impact on my skin. I will say, however, that I had a strange dry patch of skin on the back of my shoulder that was bothering me and I started patting a little serum on the patch and it does seem to have significantly diminished.

I was going to imply that the Replenishing Serum shouldn’t even be called a serum because of its dry, non-lubricating aspect, but a little research proved me to be mistaken. I wrongly believed that serums are only supposed to be plumping and lubricating, when in reality a serum is simply a substance made up of smaller molecules and therefore have the capacity to penetrate more deeply into the skin to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients.

I can’t say I would buy the Replenishing Serum on my own unless I was suffering with one of the above redness issues and at $80 a pop it seems extravagant to me, who would most likely just dab on some aloe vera gel for such afflictions. I suppose I’ve proven to myself that at the age my skin is at now I am partial to lubricating serums that plump the skin, however, I think I would have benefitted a lot from this product as a young woman with acne flare-ups and hormonal skin craziness.

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