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SkinVeda Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil Review

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Dry Skin, Fine Lines
SkinVeda Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil
January 3, 2019 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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By Jan

“Abhya” What?  As a yoga teacher, I know a little bit of Sanskrit, but I had to look that one up. It means “oil massage” in Sanskrit and SkinVeda Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil ($80) is meant to balance your doshas and restore your skin as you massage it into your face and body.

In case you are not familiar with Ayurveda, the science upon which this product line is based, it dates back about 5000 years and is a sister science to yoga, as the two were created and used synergistically in India since then. Both are based on natural health and healing principals, in coordination with nature, the rhythm of the seasons and how they affect your body, mind and spirit.  Ayurveda believes that everyone has a dominant “dosha,” which refers to the energy flowing through your system, and there are tests you can find in books and on the Internet to figure out your dosha. The goal of Ayurveda is to balance the doshas to obtain optimal health and well-being. This product (I will just call it the Youth Restoring Oil for short) is claimed to be Tri-Dosha, meaning that it will benefit all three constitutions (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

This may sound complicated, but it is an interesting concept that helps you adjust what you eat and do, based on the seasons and your surroundings.  I actually believe it works, and there is evidence that proves it does and endorsements from famous people like Deepak Chopra.  The packaging of the Skinveda Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil gives you a little primer on Ayurveda and balancing the doshas and encourages you to take the dosha test on their website.

The ingredients of the Youth Restoring Oil include a mix of many fine oils that are commonly used as base oils in Ayurveda. One is sesame, which contains nutrients such as zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin E and is touted to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well. Other oils in this composition include sunflower oil and Dhatelo Oil, which Skinveda says they get from the heights of the Himalayas and use of it increases skin capacitance by +13.1%.  So, I had to look that one up, too.  Capacitance is the ability of a component to collect and store energy in the form of an electrical charge. So, why is this important for your skin and the results of using this product? I have no idea and could not find anything on the SkinVeda website that explains why it is. But SkinVeda does claim that the Dhatelo Oil will “deliver the benefits of photo-protection, nourishment, barrier repair and dermo-purification.”

The formula also contains turmeric, which seems to be the Holy Grail of everything today.  It also has anti-inflamatory properties and in skin care is touted to reduce redness, brighten skin, even reduce wrinkles. I know, I have used it for quite a while, both topically and internally, to help with my vitiligo, which is an auto-immune condition and worsened by inflammation. Whether I can contribute it all to turmeric or not, I must say my skin has definitely improved since I added it to my routine. It is much clearer and more even-toned. So, I like that I can get turmeric in the Youth Restoring Oil.

Since I am a yoga devotee of over forty years and faithful follower of natural (and cruelty-free) skin care routines, I was excited for the opportunity to test an Ayurveda product! SkinVeda Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil came to my door just as I was looking for a good quality oil to facilitate using my newly-acquired rose quartz face roller and Gua Sha.  After seeing the size of the bottle (1.7 oz), I decided I would just use it on my face, neck, décolleté and hands, as these are my problem areas (dry, wrinkle-prone) so that I would have enough to last through the trial period. Now, I really don’t think I needed to be that frugal with it. I only need three drops for my face, and about 3-4 for my neck and decollete, and sometimes I just massaged the residue in my hands or added another drop or two.  So, I certainly could have covered more area.

My routine was to first apply the serums I had been using prior to obtaining the trial (basically consists of products with ferulic acid, niacinamide and metrixyl).  I had previously tried using my Gua Sha over the serums, but their consistencies were too sticky and the Gua Sha would not glide properly. The oil was perfect to facilitate the proper movement of these tools and I applied it after my serums soaked in. It has a very light, fresh fragrance.  Then used the Gua Sha. The Gua Sha is not an Ayurvedic tool, but rather has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, another ancient practice that still works today.  You can find out how to use this neat little tool on YouTube, but basically, you stroke the Gua Sha along your face and neck in upward and outward motions.  This is supposed to help stimulate lymph drainage, which reduces puffiness and also increases circulation. Results should be clearer, brighter skin with less sagginess. Some say it helps your skin absorb all the good stuff better, but I have also read this has not been proven (but it can’t hurt, right?).  I followed up with the Rose Quartz face roller, also upward and out ward. I did this on my face and neck. For my hands and decollete, I just massaged the oil into my skin, including into my cuticles.

I am quite pleased with the result of the Youth Restoring Oil. My skin feels very smooth, clear and hydrated. I don’t feel I need a moisturizer at all after this routine and, after using it consistently for a month, I am very pleased with the condition of my skin and have even reduced the coverage of my makeup. Maybe you would get equally satisfactory results without the Gua Sha and face roller, just by massaging the product into your skin. But I like seeing my skin get red and rosy for a short time after using these tools.  I think it really helps perk up circulation and the Youth Restoring Oil certainly helps the tools glide smoothly, while delivering the nutrients in the oils to your skin. I am in my mid-sixties, yet I feel this product would give me license to lie about my age a little. Since using SkinVeda Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face & Body Oil, I feel like my skin is very clear and nourished. Last week, I got a couple of compliments on how my skin looks, so it must be noticeable!

Being able to get these results from a pure, clean product, based on Ayurvedic principals, instead of chemicals and needles, just makes me feel healthier. The fact that no animal products or testing was involved in the creation of SkinVeda products and that the company gives back to various humanitarian efforts, just makes me feel happier. Healthy and happy, with better skin, are results to be very pleased with!

  • January 10, 2019

    by Shilpi Jain, MS

    We are so happy to receive this detailed review of the Youth Restoring Abhyanga Face and Body Oil. We also recommend using this in combination with the Calendula Horsechestnut Firming and Moisturizing cream

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