The idea of an "intuitive" lip gloss that can, once it touches your lips, become the perfect shade for you is clearly the product of a bored marketing department. For the record, when I tried out Smashbox O-Gloss my own personal shade of pink was an anemic Pepto-Bismol (if that isn't an oxymoron). My best guess is that the methyl nicotinate in this gloss is responsible for any personalization because it increases blood flow for a short period of time, making the lips look a little darker.

In some ways, I think Smashbox would have been better off without this gimmick because all the other ingredients are really good. In particular, there is goji berry, a very potent source of vitamin C that is beginning to make its way into cosmetics. There are two other good anti-oxidants: ginko extract and pomegranate. Avocado oil provides moisture. Finally, there are some natural oils (such as ginger) and not much to dislike.