Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by AgelessJen on December 18, 2013


When I received Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil ($32) to test, I was first impressed with the packaging. The artwork covering both the box and the bottle was done by British artist Rob Ryan, and conveys the ingredients quite nicely in its simple yet delicate presentation.

Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil appealed to me because it's great for sensitive skin and contains no nasties...just lots of hydrating plant oils and anti-aging plant extracts. The passionflower and sunflower seed oils both contain linoleic acid which helps hold in skin's moisture by reinforcing the lipid barrier. It also helps sooth inflamed skin by blocking inflammatory cells from coming to the surface. That, along with the omega fatty acids and vitamin C (rose hip oil), make this product a moisturizing masterpiece.

Initially, I used it twice a day, but found that it didn't absorb quite as quickly as it has for other reviewers...maybe because I layered it on top of a serum? With that being said, I opted to only use it in the evenings when I wasn't in a hurry to get my face made up! Although it didn't absorb quickly, it certainly didn't feel heavy on my skin and wasn't irritating in the least.

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Since I still have half a bottle of Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil remaining, I have yet to decide whether or not to purchase more once it's gone. I DO enjoy using an oil more than a creamy moisturizer but, thus far, I don't feel as though my skin has had any noticeable improvements since I started using it. Maybe it's because I'm 54 and am seeing my skin change as my estrogen levels decrease, but I'm looking for products that provide my skin with noticeable positive changes. My feeling is that this is a wonderful oil for folks under 40 who are simply trying to maintain the quality of their still youthful skin and protect it from further damage.