snowberry soothing facial massage oil

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on June 4, 2014


by Jessica

The Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil ($32) is a real winner for me. I loved it. I tried it first while doing Tanaka facial massage techniques and then alone. Let’s be honest: I used it more often than not just as a facial oil rather than a massage oil. I loved using the oil while doing a massage. I loved the glow that my face had after doing the massage, but the extra 10 minutes it added to my nightly routine never became a daily ritual. So mostly I used as a nightly moisturizer. It is light enough for daily use, and my skin just soaked it up. Every morning, my skin was plump and rosy.

The oil is a blend of goodness. You will find rosehip, macadamia seed, sunflower seed and sancha inchi seed oil here -- lots of omegas and antioxidants for your skin. Not only is it good for your skin, but it smells lovely. I am not sure if it is the chamomile that gives the oil its lovely light scent, but it isn’t overwhelming, which is often a problem for me. Another plus is the addition of passion seed oil, known for its soothing qualities. All of the ingredients here are natural, which for me is truly an important factor when choosing a product.

There were no real downsides to this oil for me. I was worried since it was springtime that it might be a little heavy for the season and my normal skin, but my skin adjusted quickly. I will continue using this as my nighttime moisturizer with the goal of using it as a massage oil a few times a week. I wasn’t expecting miracles from this oil, but I am chalking up being mistaken for the younger sister recently instead of my 40-year-old self to using this oil and doing a bi-weekly massage.