Indeed Labs Snoxin

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 26, 2013


by Sandy B.

I have been selected to test and review Indeed Labs Snoxin, a peptide serum. Marta had recently reviewed their other product, Nanoblur.  She wasn’t impressed, but she was intrigued by the ingredients in Snoxin, so I volunteered to test it out.

First off, let’s get one thing out of the way.  The name:  Snoxin.  Sounds like Toxic Snot.  There.  I’ve said it.  Might be why I was the only one who offered to test it.  I’d be interested to know how sales are for them with a name like that. Shows confidence in their product, is all I can say.

On Indeed Lab’s website, they list “Quick Facts”:

  • Concentrated multi-peptide treatment
  • Targets the appearance of dynamic and static lines, wrinkles, sagginess, and textural damage
    • Results apparent in as early as 3 days with continued improvement
    • Non oily and fragrance-free
    • Suitable for all skin types

Indeed Labs, claim that Snoxin “incorporates the highest concentration of next-generation advanced peptides ….  higher than most luxury skincare products on the market.”  They state that their serum “combats all aspects of skin aging … wrinkles, deeper folds, fine lines, crow’s feet, textural irregularities and sagginess.”

They go on to highlight what appears to be their best selling point, their 3-Dimensional Approach:

“Snoxin incorporates multiple peptides that target aging through 3 synergistic mechanisms at once:

  • Reduced muscular contractions that lead to the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles
  • Increased collagen production through stimulating the skin’s natural processes
  • Formation of a more uniform collagen support matrix through stimulation of repair processes

These functions target multiple aspects of skin aging simultaneously….”

Very impressive.

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Snoxin comes in a tube and is a blue-ish gel – almost snot-like, but not as sticky.  It advises to use it twice a day:  “morning and evening, apply a small amount … to face and neck immediately after cleansing....”

When I first tried Snoxin, I confess I was excited.  All those peptides, all those results, and crazy-affordable -- $39.00 on their website.  When I first applied it as directed, I did feel something happening.  A tingling?  A warmth?  Nothing painful or frightening, but it felt like it was doing something.  No scent that I can detect.  It works into the skin easily without aggressive rubbing, and no residue, no color, no staining, no allergic reactions.  I felt my excitement validated and was eager to see what happened in the next few weeks.

I’ve used Snoxin now for four weeks, and I’m not certain it’s done all that much.  Maybe I have to use it longer to get all the effects, but the website says I could see results in as early as 3 days.  I may continue to use it and see what happens, but I think I’ve gotten all I’m going to get out of Snoxin.  There are photos on the Indeed Lab’s website, before-and-afters.  I rarely trust these types of photos. Looking closely, you can see the model is slightly lifting a lower eye muscle to create more of a wrinkle or a fold, and in the “after” shot, they’ve relaxed the muscle.  If the product does what they claim, why use these types of photos?

Now, I’m a product junkie who’s been mistaken for being at least 10 years younger than I am, and I am all about two things:  (1) efficacy, and (2) price.  If it works and is affordable, I’ll try it.  I’m ambivalent to the safety of the ingredients, however toxic the snot is, such is the outrageous level of my vanity.

So, if you’re curious, it’s a pittance of a price to try the product, compared to other lotions and potions.  I’d say, if you don’t mind plunking down $39.00 smackers, give it a try.  I have no idea if the ingredients are safe or not.  It hasn’t hurt me at all so far, and it’s not offensive.  Other than the name.

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