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Soleil Toujours Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen SPF45 Review

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Sun Protection for Face, Uneven Skin
Soleil Toujours Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen SPF45
March 18, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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A mineral sunscreen with anti-aging ingredients


Simplifies your routine and makes skin look smooth and dewy


Bottle's opening doesn't always dispense well

by Vickie F.

When TIA asked me to do a review of a sunscreen, I jumped on the opportunity. Living in sunny Arizona, I have more experience with sunscreen products than pretty much any other in my skin care lineup. It’s imperative that we protect our skin year-round to not only prevent skin cancer, but to combat the effects of premature aging. In my mid-forties, the effort is paying off. Luckily for all of us, sunscreen technology keeps getting better and better. Soleil Toujours Broad Spectrum Face Sunscreen SPF45 ($55), for example, has a few pleasant surprises that put it above common store brands and high-end sunscreens that I’ve used in the past.

Being a minimalist, aka a bit on the lazy side, I like to keep my regimen simpler to save time in the morning. Usually, I put on moisturizer, then sunscreen, followed by a bit of foundation. When I received the Soleil product, I tried doing the same steps. Boy was that a happy mistake.

Soleil is beyond your typical suncare. It squeezes out of a classy-looking, but poorly designed bottle (more on this in a bit) as a thick, runny cream. The titanium and zinc oxides, superior sun protection without chemicals, make the product look white as you apply onto your skin. My initial shock had me thinking of Twilight, and I wasn’t too sure if I liked my new vampire look. Not one to give up, I gave it a chance and massaged for a minute. Like magic, the white faded away to my normal skin color, leaving a nice smooth canvas. Now that’s pretty neat.

Vickie's face before and after applying the sunscreen

This scary, untouched, photo of me is actually two photos put together.  Left side immediately after applying SOLEIL; Right side is after a couple of minutes.  You can see that it starts white but then fades into your skin color.

Then I topped it with some foundation that also contained a primer. The result was thick and pasty. I washed my face, applied moisturizer, Soleil and a different foundation without primer. A little better, but still didn’t feel or look right.  It took me a couple of days to realize that the perfect feel and coverage was simply Soleil and nothing else. Soleil had worked magic again by providing me with four products in one: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation. I was really pleased to discover that it had simplified my routine more and really does make skin look smooth and dewy. Now for the cool tech.

The benefits of Soleil are undeniable. You have a mineral-based protection with natural ingredients from titanium dioxide and zinc oxides that protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Included is a powerhouse combination of ingredients, dubbed EcoSunComplex that contains red algae, vitamin C & E, bisabolol to naturally boost SPF and green tea leaf extract. This combination added to peptides for collagen stimulation, CoQ10 antioxidant, and sodium hyaluronate for hydration works together to not only protect and prevent further sun damage, but improve your skin, all the way to the DNA level. Presto!

A completely natural, eco-friendly, organic sunscreen that protects skin, reverses damage, replaces several products, looks and feels great really is top quality. If only the bottle matched the genius of the product. 

Soleil Toujours sunscreen bottle

Narrow opening on the bottle.

The bottle is a beautiful black and gold with an embossed logo. I don’t mind the spout being on the bottom either since it allows gravity to dispense every drop of product. However the dispenser is too close to the lid and leaves a mess. You have to be aware of this and wipe it each time and be comfortable knowing that some of the product will get stuck in the crack.  That’s okay. I’d rather have the problem of cracks on the bottle than on my face. I still give Soleil Toujours a big thumbs up.

  • March 23, 2016

    by Marta

    That's brilliant Vicky. Thank you so much for the taking the time to show us that the white cast disappears. Great review!

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