soleil tujours daily anti-aging power serum for face & neck

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Marta on October 5, 2015


I came across Soleil Toujours when I was hunting down sunscreens and have since been testing a face/neck cream called Soleil Toujours Daily Anti-Aging Power Serum ($145 in the shop). My test included face and neck and I am especially pleased with its impact on forehead lines. This could be one of the finds of the year.

After playing around, variously trying out day use, evening use, neck only, face and all the above, I settled on a twice daily application targeting my forehead lines with a notable smoothing after 30 days. Soleil Toujours Daily Anti-Aging Power Serum is definitely a keeper.

A key ingredient is the fascinating SymHelios (intimidatingly listed as benzylidene dimethoxydimethylinadanone) that stops UVB rays from forming a toxic substance in our skin. It is even supposed to protect our skin from cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes.

UVB rays cause long term skin damage because they cause an amino acid, tryptophan, to form a toxic substance. This toxin binds to a protein in our bodies called the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) where it wreaks havoc by destroying collagen and elastin, creating oxidative stress and potentially leading to skin cancers. Enter SymHelios. This binds to the AhR, preventing UVB radiation. Like I said, fascinating. Well, at least to nerdy types like me.

While Soleil Toujours Daily Anti-Aging Power Serum has more silicones than I care for, it also has a generous number of peptides including one that reduces skin pigmentation called oligopeptide-68, myristoyl pentapeptide-8 (a collagen booster) and myristoyl pentatpeptide-11 that is supposed to restore elasticity.

And there’s more on the peptide front with one that lightens the skin and is photoprotective, without any of the side effects of other skin brighteners (according to an article in the International Journal od Cosmetic Science). Generally regarded as non-irritating, you’ll see it in the ingredients as dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate, while it goes by the name of Chromabright.

There are two types of vitamin C, vitamin E, ubiquinone, extracts of yerba mate and sweet violet, as well as herbal oils including coriander.

Two of the three preservatives are ones I’d prefer to avoid, sodium benzoate and disodium EDTA. But otherwise, this formula is packed with good and effective ingredients with some very well-chosen actives. Plus my smoother forehead is the only testament I need. This is definitely a keeper.