soleil tujours body sunscreen spf 50

Our Rating: 4 stars

by Kelly F.

For the last month I was thrilled to test Soleil Tujours SPF 50 Mineral Based Sunscreen ($36 in the shop).  As a point of reference I am 51 years old and post menopause with Irish reddish and sun damaged skin that is prone to break outs and I live in Arizona. 

I think the thing I like the most about this sunscreen is the feel. It has a milky fluid texture that I spray into my hands to apply and it goes on so smoothly, almost instantly absorbs and feels so soothing on my skin. Honestly, it is like an instant treatment for my forearms and they always look more hydrated after use. I stopped having to use a moisturizer out of the shower and just went straight to the sunscreen! There is a faint floral scent that is just nice and clean smelling. I use this every day prior to getting ready for work or going outside and am pleased to report that there has been no white transfer onto my clothing!

I can speak to the product’s efficacy in that I maintained my current skin tone without any increased darkening of my hyperpigmented spotting. My direct sun exposure is before and after work getting to and from the car.  Arizona sun in late summer and early fall can be pretty intense!

The hydrated feeling and improved texture of my skin must be attributed to the many protective and healing antioxidant ingredients like algae and green tea leaf extract. In completing some research on this brand I found that all Soleil Toujours products centain a proprietary EcoSunComplex, a cornerstone ingredient for the brand which is composed of red algae, vitamin C Ester, vitamin E and bisabolol.

The sunscreen actives used in this product are not for the "purists" as Marta would say — those who want only pure, all natural ingredients in their skincare. Octinoxate has some reproductive toxicity concerns because of how easily it is absorbed into the skin. Avobenzone is readily absorbed as well and not recommended for use in pregnant women and children. This I find interesting since Soleil Toujours was apparently conceptualized when the founder and mom of three Valerie McMurray was struggling to find safer products to use.

The Soleil Toujours collection also reports to be vegan, gluten free, coral reef safe and never contain parabens, propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulfate, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, petrolatum, synthetic colors or fragrances. All packaging is also BPA free and recyclable.

I am not a purist and I appreciate a good sunscreen, especially one that is a joy to use, so I will be purchasing this in the future.