sonage presage moisturizer spf15

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Marta on April 11, 2016


Sonäge Presage Moisturizer SPF15 ($52 in the shop) is a moisturizing sunscreen with antioxidants and amino acids that easily became a part of my daily routine. As this is a mineral sunscreen, there is an initial chalkiness that dissipates after a few minutes. Overall, it is well behaved over serums and under makeup. There’s just enough SPF for a normal working day and more than enough anti-agers to put your sunscreen into the every little helps category.

There’s a pragmatism to the Sonäge approach — the brand uses the word “balance” a lot. While they use plenty of natural ingredients and will try to find alternatives from the plant world (such as broccoli seed oil to replace silicones), Sonäge is not averse to using chemical preservatives, or synthetic polymers and is upfront about not being – or trying to be – 100% natural.

This sunscreen is a case in point. The actives are the minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — not without their own controversies, but preferable to any chemical sunscreen. The dominant ingredient is the silicone, cyclopentasiloxane (not quite there with the broccoli oil yet). Most of the rest of the ingredients are natural and include some good antioxidants. There are the usual suspects in the preservative department.

One of the less common ingredients is hydrolyzed RNA. This stands for ribonucleic acid and it is present in all living cells as its primary role is to act as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA for the synthesis of proteins. However, in skincare it seems to have the humbler role of moisturizing.

Glycoproteins (proteins that have sugars attached to them and fill in the space between tissues until they deplete as we get older) are included, as well as specific one called lactoferrin, a pack mule protein that transports iron, copper and zinc to the cells. Still on the subject of proteins, Sonäge Presage Moisturizer SPF15 has silk amino acids.

Amongst the antioxidants there’s superoxide dismutase, which overpowers the damaging reactions of superoxide, the most common free radical in the body, and is particularly useful in a sunscreen as it protects against UV rays.

On the moisturizing front, there’s almond, avocado and hazel seed oils. For my slightly oily skin, I found that Presage was hydrating enough. I would recommend this sunscreen for any pragmatist (but not purist) looking for a decent moisturizing SPF with added anti-aging benefits.