Sonya Dakar has just announced that she will be reformulating her products to be paraben (a form of preservative) free. Since parabens may harm fish (breast cancer scares have been largely discredited), this is a good thing. I hope she also has a look at some of the other ingredients she uses while she's at it.

Take Blue Mask which is intended to calm irritated skin. The active ingredients are chamomile based and there is an interesting Indian herb called bacopa monniera. These provide the anti-irritants. Ironically, there are a few ingredients that might cause a flare-up. Sonya Dakar Blue Mask contains petrolatum, which is restricted in Europe because it contains allergans and may contain impurities that are carcinogenic. There are two other potential irritants, PEG 40 stearate and diazolidinyl urea.