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Soypure's thermatically warmed skincare system

March 13, 2009 Reviewed by admin 1 Comment
For this review, I tried out Soypure's thermatically warmed skincare system ($355 for a 12-month supply), which uses a warming lantern (called the revitalizer) and a tea light to thermatically warm a disk of collagen-rebuilding soy wax to to a temperature of about 180 to 200 degrees.

It's quite fun, really -- and safe: the revitalizer is made of 100% recycled, ultra-durable, water and flame resistant paper that applies a controlled heat to transform the semi-congealed wax formula into a light, smooth oil that is ultimately just as -- if not more -- penetrative as your usual lotions and potions.

Still, I had a question: Why warm? Is there something inherent to soy that makes it work better hot than cold? Soypure’s CEO and Founder, Michael Goldenberg, responded: "It's not about soy," he said. "Rather, it's about pairing the right ingredients with the right delivery system."

According to him, this wax-over-oil formula -- when warmed -- is superior to traditional moisturizers because 1) Heating it up makes all of the ingredients extra soothing and extra penetrative, and 2) Once there (deep down in the skin), the liquefied wax adjusts to the lower body temperature and semi-congeals to cushion and plump sags, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provide long-term moisturization by creating a trans-epidermal moisture barrier.

He also mentioned that the heating of the formula removes excess air bubbles that may irritate the skin, and that the most effective application is right after a warm, steamy shower when the skin has rid itself of toxins and is more spongy, more ready to absorb the active ingredients.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

What I like about the formula is that it consists of a simple but effectively proven line-up of quality anti-aging ingredients. Take a look: Soybean oil, green tea extract, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, ginger fragrance therapy. That's all! A lot to love and nothing to hate.

Each disk contains 95% USDA-approved food grade Soybean Oil, an antioxidant that has been clinically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis, inhibit matrix metallo-proteinases (enzymes that break down the network of protein that make up the skin’s support layer), and even out skin tone and hyperpigmentation. What's more, it's been shown to act as a chemo-preventative agent when applied topically through the inhibition of the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation.

The primary constituent of soy is the isoflavone genistein, which works by mimicking estrogen -- but with out exerting any of the harmful hormonal effects. (Still, some people remain a bit skeptical of this I must note.) Estrogen production wanes with age and ultimately leads to dryer, thinner skin, so it makes sense to add it back in to counteract those undesirable effects.

As the allergy geek that I am, I found that my skin was a bit sensitive to the soy, resulting in temporary redness and itchiness. Of course, if you know you are allergic to soy this product wouldn't be for you.

That's the only caveat, however. Beyond soy, this formula is packed with the right ingredients: For example, there's the inclusion of the TIA antioxidant favorite green tea extract, which, as high up on the list as it is, is sure to do wonderful things for your skin. Shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and sweet almond oil are all luxurious additions that will soften and sooth, while also providing a lovely fragrance along with the ginger.

I really enjoyed using the Soypure skincare system, but -- as I mentioned in the video -- I think it will be best (and more likely) used on a weekly basis. Or, if you want to use it daily, than at night. I found it to be a bit too time-intensive for regular, and especially morning use.

Look for an upcoming reader review soon!


Soybean oil, green tea extract, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, ginger fragrance therapy.
  • March 16, 2009

    by claire

    Here are a couple of points from Soypure’s CEO and Founder, Michael Goldenberg on my possible allergy to soy, among other things.


    I wouldn't go running to the allergist just yet. It is common for your skin to have an initial reaction to a new product, (according to our skin care specialist if you switch from one skin care type to another and there is no initial Reaction it is not an effective skin care product especially one like Soypure, where the concentration of the active ingredient is so high our soy wax is over 95% in soy content). I think after a couple of applications you'll see the red splotching go away.

    The heavy feeling your model experienced could have been for a couple of reasons.

    1).Your quote that its best applied after a steamy shower (preferably when using with all 3 soypure skin care cleansing Bars) is correct and would definitely have reduced the heavy feeling.

    2)The model applied it like a cream. The age reversing discs works best when massaged it in to the skin. she would have less heavy feeling and more immediate plumping up of her skin, In fact messaging is part of the total relaxing spa-like experience of the revitalizer.

    We encourage using the revitlizer as often as possible (especially those that have mature or dry skin) as it is a nutrition for the skin from food grade ingredients which are much milder than cosmetic grade and needs more frequent application but when used on a steady bases will not only prevent premature aging but improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    It is advisable to schedule lighting the revitlizer before taking your evening shower in the bathroom (which is usually warmer than other areas in the house it should be ready in 7-10 minutes about as long as it takes to shower and prepare for bed brushing teeth etc.) And by the morning there will be absolutely no residue on your face. If applied in the morning and there is a need to wipe off with a tissue it is still very beneficial for skin.

    For those that absolutely don't have the time but still want to nurture their skin with a food grade soy product our Pure
    Moisturizing cream will be available in April.

    The revitlizer lights supplied with the kit are not just a tea light, a lot of research has gone in to formulating this candle to burn at a consistent temperature and provide just the right heat (we discourage using any other heat source as we cant guarantee that the wax will be hot enough without overheating) something that you would not find with the majority of tea lights out there and definitely not in a 0 emission candle.

    Finally air bubbles and hot spots are created by a wide Varity of heating methods.Thematic warming is a controlled heating method that not only allows you to control the temperature of wax but also guarantees an even temperature with no air bubbles throughout the whole wax to get the best penetration possible

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