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Spencer Barnes Neck Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand Review

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Sagging Skin
Spencer Barnes Neck Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand
July 23, 2018 Reviewed by Marta 36 Comments
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A mediocre product's attempt to cash in on a Royal


A handful of run of the mill anti-agers


Dominated by silicones, solvents, polymers and cooling agents

Meghan Markle’s make up artist Spencer Barnes has made the most of his royal connection to peddle a truly mediocre product, the Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand ($89.00). Whatever is responsible for the Markle sparkle it isn’t this.

Prompted by a member of the Truth In Aging community to take a closer look at the Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand, I found myself wading through formula that is both predictable and odd at the same time. It certainly doesn’t warrant Spencer Barnes’ adjective of “revolutionary”.

What’s predictable is the number of silicones, solvents, polymers. Although they do dominate the formula to an unusual degree. Along with preservatives, they amount to about 20 of the ingredients.

The product blurb warns that uses may feel tingling or a warm feeling, which means the product is working. Sifting through the ingredients, I am a loss to discern what would be the cause of this. On the contrary, there are actually several ingredients used for cooling the skin including menthyl lactate and methyl diisopropyl propionamide.

The good stuff is sparse and also predictable. There are run of the mill moisturizers, such as glycerin and anhydroxylitol, caffeine, vitamin C, wheat protein and sodium hyaluronate. Looking a little sad and lonely at the very end is the (these days very standard) neuropeptide, acetyl hexapeptide-8.

The only intriguing ingredient is polyglutamic acid. This seems to be a non-essential amino acid that is a component of a fermented Japanese food called natto. It’s claim to fame is that it is a bond water between different molecules, resulting in high moisture retention when applied to the skin (possibly more than with hyaluronic acid). It’s versatility results in a huge number of applications including thickener, film-former, humectant, binder and anti-freeze.

In short, there is nothing here to make Spencer Barnes’ neck serum a stand out ingredient. Buyers should hope that this wand comes with a magic spell.

  • February 11, 2019

    by Cindy

    I was about to order this product because it was touted by a lifestyle social media "celebrity" as an effective treatment for sagging facial features. She specifically stated that the product is gluten free, which is very important to me. After reading the ingredient list and seeing wheat protein I have to question the entire product and the accuracy of claims by anyone who touts it without investigating the product. I will not be purchasing this or any product made by this company.

  • February 9, 2019

    by Karen

    I thought the product worked really well! Mine lasted for about a month and I used it once a day on my neck. I noticed a difference after about 3 weeks, my neck was smoother and it had tightened up my loose skin. I bought another one and still loved it but I can not afford to pay $89 every month for one, if I could, I would definitely!

  • January 21, 2019

    by Faye

    I ordered that for my neck it only lasted 1wk I t did not do anything.i thought it was a month supply

  • January 15, 2019

    by Denise

    It doesn't work. I only got 17 pumps total out if actually pay for the fancy contraption than product. It doesn't work, quits putting out product. Total waste. Plus...just a moisturizer...nothing to help few wrinkles. Sunscreen would work better any day and a moistizer.
    Try Sio beauty patches for neck and chest. Use overnight. Medical grade . Just do your homework. I will never buy from Spencer Barns again. Paying for container, name and maybe a star who used it in " past. "
    Learned hard way. Just makes him richer all the way to the bank..i never got reply back about cintauner not working. Sorry, but not good customer service.
    They I'm sure laugh all the way to the bank.
    Think twice my friend!

  • January 9, 2019

    by Jeanne

    Is is necessary to continue to use a neck moisturizer with the neck wand?

  • December 24, 2018

    by Cyndi

    Do not buy this!!! It does absolutely nothing. A total rip off. Once I was stupid enough to buy it, I am unable to comment on any of the posts trying to sell it. Please don’t waste your money.

  • December 19, 2018

    by Jenni

    This product does NOT do anything but provide moisture. There is absolutely no difference in the look.

  • November 3, 2018

    by Melanie

    I was prepared to order and give this a try but after reviewing the ingredient list and finding Squalane (aka-Squalene) 13 of 46 mostly unimpressive components, in addition to the plethora of less than impressive personal experiences, I decided to pass.
    The company makes a big deal about being “100% cruelty free and 100% vegan” but any one in the industry can attest to the fact that the 2.7 MILLION deep sea sharks being butchered for the cosmetics industry are very likely making it into most of these types of products simply because it’s cheaper than the plant alternatives being produced.***
    Given the level of smoke being blown...well, let’s just say around this product, it would certainly be worth a pause and a little bit of thought before jumping in. At least in my opinion.

  • October 25, 2018

    by Annamarie

    My neck was a big concern. I bought and used for 6 weeks. I can’t say that it reversed my aging by 10 years. Maybe it looks slightly smoother. But the loose skin did not change! There was however plenty of product. I used every day and night and it lasted almost 7weeks. It seems pretty mediocre to me as well. I will go back to my other regime. (Age58)

  • October 11, 2018

    by Marguerite

    Received my order and didn’t even get six pumps out of it and the neck cream didn’t last 2 weeks and that was with one use a day. And I had to shake it to get that

  • October 9, 2018

    by Pamela Perretti

    Mine is going back for a refund. JUNK!

  • October 4, 2018

    by Debbie

    I have used this product for almost a month and I love it and will order more. I have a problem with my jowls and I was very happy with the results. My neck was not a huge problem but now it's not a problem at all. I just turned 60.

  • October 1, 2018

    by Nancy

    I was very excited to try this product even though every testimonial or demonstration video of celebrities or other ladies was of a gorgeous younger person using the product. I am 63 years old and my neck is not attractive at all and I was hoping for more than what this product delivered. First of all, I have to click it several times for the product to dispense and although it does make my neck feel nice and creamy, there was no tingling sensation which I looked forward to to fool me into thinking it was working. The worst is, it didn't improve the appearance of my neck one bit, it's expensive skin cream in a dispenser. The company should have many older ladies demonstrating it rather than people that don't need it.

  • September 24, 2018

    by Norine

    I'm a vey skeptical consumer and usually do my research first. I saw this reviewed by a you tube personality that usually is very credible, so I took the plunge and ordered it. What a waste of 89.00!! It does not work and I tried to return the item but because it was past the 10 days(what business only gives you 10 days to try a product??) Now I know why, because it does not work!! Another scam and I fell for this one!! Don't waste your money!!

  • September 22, 2018

    by Dawn Ciccone

    Just received my product, excited to use, but nothing seems to be coming out even after pumping several times!! I feel no sensations as expressed in the video and no moisture as if the roller is empty!!!!

  • September 18, 2018

    by Mary

    On my second wand and love it! The difference in my neck is amazing...lines have softened and neck has firmed. Completely satisfied.

  • September 16, 2018

    by Wendi

    I bought it. I returned it once I realized it was a gimmick as the ingredients are those that give temporary results like the “instant” wrinkle freeze serum - you now that stuff that turns “white”! on your skin. It took 6 weeks to get a refund, but I did get it. If someone is looking for temp results it does work - but not for long term results. I do think it should be refillable if one chooses to use it, but it is not and this is where his design and business model went wrong.

  • September 15, 2018

    by AB

    I was about to order the Magic Wand when I noticed that they are charging sales tax on international orders. I emailed them to ask why Canadian orders weren't tax-exempted from local taxes, and received no response. Based on that, I don't trust that the company knows how to do business properly.

  • September 8, 2018

    by Kathy

    Firstly, I’m terribly disappointed with the results. It has not worked at all for me. No warm or tingling feeling, actually more of a chilly feeling. Secondly, perhaps it works for a younger person but I’m over 60 it just doesn’t work! Third, the instructions on the box is dificult to read with shinny silver & grey print. Spencer should put directions inside, in black & white, as well. No direction as to how many pumps you should use, should you keep it on and not wash your neck for a week or what? Sorry folks, just seems like another scam out there, so frustrating. Buyer beware!!

  • September 8, 2018

    by Orlando

    It sucks,I live in NYC and Milan and Florida in the fashion industry, do magazine work and fashion week and work with famous people, stick to your makeup, you use famous people who had work done on their faces, And the lighting, just do your makeup, this is not worth it, sorry

  • September 7, 2018

    by Shari

    I tried this product and Infeel that it works quite well i was amazed on the first application that my skin seemed lifted and the lines seemed less prominent. To the person saying they cot three applications....??? How much did you use. The tube is huge! It is preportioned so only a tiny bit is dispensed. I am excited to see the results after a month!!

  • September 7, 2018

    by Anne

    Do you not post positive reviews??? I wrote one and don’t see it. As mentioned by a few does seem that you only reviewed on the basis of ingredients without actually giving it a try.

  • September 7, 2018

    by Anne

    I am 65 yrs old and have tried a number of high end products for neck and jawline. I am on my second wand and love the product! It has definitely made a difference.l especially in my jawline. Let’s face it ladies...Nothing is going to make lines COMPLETELY disappear unless you visit a plastic surgeon for procedures. I’m impressed with the product and will continue to use. And, by the way, got more than the 104 pumps from the wand!

  • September 5, 2018

    by Kathleen

    I love the review by Trena she must work for the company or is so convinced it works that she believes it does! I'm laughing there are so many ingredients, to b at a level where they would even work a little u would need a much larger bottle. Its a waste of money

  • September 5, 2018

    by joanne

    its a big joke! does NOTHING PHOTO SHOP makes all the pics look good. they say apply to neck,chin not sure how big ur neck is, but the whole wand lasts maybe 3-4 days fo r$90.00, i will stick with oil of Olay. Its all in the mind this product DOES NOTHING

  • September 3, 2018

    by Donna

    I have too agree with your review. I saw the ad, then looked at the ingredients, a bunch of nothing.... fillers, stabilizers, a little vitamin C. The product says it is gluten free but has wheat protein. Everyone is looking for a good skin care regimen. This is not it! Too put it simply, since he works with Megan Markel... This product is equivalent to the Emperor's New Clothes. There is nothing there!

  • August 31, 2018

    by Laura

    I ordered this product. It says free shipping on the website to the US and Canada. With the shipping and exchange it came to over $140 CAD.
    I agree with the previous review about the ten day trial period. Most companies offer a minimum of 14 days. It is very expensive and I did not notice any visible difference in the skin in my neck area. Very disappointed in this product and certainly not worth the price even if there were no exchange rates.

  • August 29, 2018

    by carolyn

    Thank you for your reviews and for this one in a woman 'of a certain age...' I have to say ANYTHING targeting the neck turns my head and this did and I didn't UNDERSTAND WHAT IT there a battery in there? Is it just product that you put on with a metal ball instead of your fingers???? I am glad of this review... I had my doubts...and I learned something: FOLLOW YOUR GUT it knows...

    Thank you... Namaste...

  • August 22, 2018

    by Trena

    I find this review misleading because it’s not a review at all, just an ingredient list speculation. In order to preserve the authenticity and integrity of your site - I recommend you actually do a review after using the product for at least one week. I have noticed significant improvement in the texture of my skin, the deeper lines have been softened and the subtle ones have vanished. It’s also firmer and more elastic. This product really does what it states. If you’re looking for a neck lift - go under the knife, but at 57, the SpencerBarnesLA Neck Wand is the best non-invasive skincare I’ve come across in years!

  • August 18, 2018

    by Jane

    Have been using it for one week and se no results at all!
    Have to return within 10 days or no refund.

  • August 11, 2018

    by Gabrielle

    I just received my first order of the product. I tried it last night and again this morning. I am honestly blown away. My husband even noticed and said that he saw difference too. And he’s pretty skeptical about products. I don’t know what’s in it that’s working but I’m happy I got it and look forward to using it.

  • August 6, 2018

    by Heather

    Well, when I saw that the first ingredient was aqua-water-I was not impressed and the rest of the ingredients were equally unimpressive. I won't be wasting my time or money on this product.

  • August 6, 2018

    by Katherine

    We'll the before and after photos look like realistic improvements so would like to read reviews from actual use.

  • August 5, 2018

    by Laurelle


  • August 1, 2018

    by Tricia

    Wait, it sounds like you never even actually used the product, but rather just spouted off ingredients. How objective can this be?

  • August 1, 2018

    by Mia

    So glad I found your site!! Thank you for the review.

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