When we asked stylist to the stars Melissa Peverini for advice for dry hair she said: "Brush, brush, and more brushing with boar hairs is the best way to increase shine by bringing natural oils down, as well as waiting as long as possible to shampoo. Water is the enemy." She got me thinking. I have tirelessly researched the best hairdryer (the Sedu), heating irons, shampoos and conditioners and never given a thought to my hairbrush. Ms Peverini will be pleased to know that I am reformed and now the proud owner of a Sportnette Deville Boar Bristle Brush ($17.99).

My Deville just might become the most important thing in my hair care arsenal. Boar bristles are hard, but pliable and densely packed. The hard bristles stimulate the scalp, increasing the blood flow whilst giving me a pleasant little massage. The stimulation of the scalp also spreads the natural oils of the scalp through the hair and down the hair shaft. The result is smoother, healthier hair that is soft and manageable.

Because they are flexible, the boar bristles do less damage to hair, resulting in fewer breakages and split ends. The densely packed bristles work better with fine hair than very thick or course hair. This feature makes the brush really effective at removing dirt and, hence, reduces the number of shampoos needed.

Unlike plastic brushes, boar bristle does create static. However, for all those vegans who gave me a hard time over emu oil (great for stimulating hair growth), Sportnette makes a paddle brush out of sustainable bamboo.