Donna and Marta have been trying out Sprayology vitamins that are sprayed under the tongue, known as the “sublingual route”. The theory is that vitamins are most efficiently absorbed by the blood stream (and the spray gets there quicker) and vitamin pills are designed to be absorbed by the digestive system, which is a complex process. Well, that's the theory. Donna and Marta compare notes:

Reviewed by Donna:

I like the ease of walking by and giving myself a quick squirt of vitamins.  The taste is not unpleasant, and I have experienced no negative side effects.  It's hard to say whether the vitamins "work", as I was feeling fine when I began using them, and I feel fine now.  The sleep aid spray is very nice, and I did feel calm after using it - although I'm fairly calm at bedtime anyway.  Placebo or not, if it's nice, it's nice, n'est pas?

My teenagers were more inclined to use the spray vitamins as it's a one handed, no accessories needed operation.  So, all in all, sprayology seems like a worthwhile investment.

Marta adds:

I tend to agree with Donna, Sprayology vitamins are convenient and fairly pleasant. I've been taking the vitamin B12 as my doctor pronounced me deficient. Since taking vitamin B12 supplements, I am a new woman. Does the spray work better than a pill? I've tried both and honestly can't say that I noticed any difference. But as someone who hates pill popping (I seem to need a flagon of water for a junior aspirin), squirting is definitely preferable.