Stacked Skincare TCA Multi Acid Body Peel

Reviewed by Marta on April 25, 2016


Last fall when I wrote about my search for anti-aging body lotions, there was a clear call from the Truth In Aging community for ways to combat crepey skin — and not just on the neck and décolleté, but arms and legs as well. I was determined to take up the challenge and I found TCA Multi Acid Body Peel ($180) from Stacked Skincare. And what a find this once-a-week body peel turned out to be.

Finally, here is something to smooth out crepey body skin. Not to mention the impact on sun spots and discoloration, wrinkles and, I am told, keratosis pilaris. If your experience of body exfoliation has been limited to a scrub, then you are in for a surprise. Stacked Skincare TCA Multi Acid Body Peel is like having a doctor’s office facial peel — except it’s for the body and at home.

Since I had a small tester bottle (the full-size is 2 oz. and likely lasts a good while as a little goes a long way), I confined my test to my décolleté and knees. The kit includes a little saucer, in which a few drops of the solution is poured, and a fan shaped brush for application. It is very easy to brush evenly and quickly and that’s it. You simply leave it on.

I did experience a little tingling, but nothing very uncomfortable. I peeled a little on the third application. It did not dry out my skin. Rather it has faded a sun spot, smoothed and brightened my chest and take a couple of years off my knees. TCA Multi Acid Body Peel is transformative.

Some of you will note that the first ingredient is alcohol, specifically SD alcohol 40. There are concerns about the ethanol in this causing toxicity, although the research is contradictory and some reports say there is a lack of evidence (read more on alcohol in cosmetics) and some even say that it has benefits (source).

There are five alpha and beta hydroxyl acids in Stacked Skincare’s Peel, of which the most potent is arguably trichloroacetic acid. This is routinely used for cosmetic chemical peels. During the 1990s, a fair bit of research was conducted on TCA, mostly because (via chlorine) it can end up in the water system. Reviews of various tests came up with conclusion that it is “not considered to be carcinogenic to humans.”

Stacked Skincare has a spa in Santa Monica and the philosophy is that more is more and skincare products should be used holistically one above the other — I know many ladies who layer in the Truth In Aging community will appreciate this. A “stack” is comprised of exfoliation and one or two specialized serums. I noted, however, that TCA Multi Acid Body Peel should not be followed by a moisturizer.

I would recommend TCA Multi Acid Body Peel for anyone looking to do some serious sloughing in order to kick start anti-aging from chin to toe.