I make a rule of never looking at my reflection in windows. There’s something about windows that etch imperfections and wrinkles. Jane Fonda said that seeing her reflection in a window prompted her to have a facelift. I rest my case. Anyway, the other evening – three days after a “stem cell facial” – I caught a glimpse of myself and didn’t instantly look away. Hmm, not that bad… A decent jawline and reasonably smooth skin were reflecting back at me.

I credit regular use of ultrasonic at home as well as monthly microcurrent for the jawline. However, the “stem cell facial” from my esthetician, Idi Pekar, has muted lines and wrinkles, especially those around my mouth. So what is the stem cell facial?

It starts with dermarolling, which in the hands of anyone else I would likely refuse to have anything to do with the treatment.  This is my second dermarolling with Ildi, the first being a treatment using platinum. For those that haven’t come across it, dermarolling involves moving a device, like a tiny paint-roller with hundreds of fine, surgical micro-needles, over the skin.

Proponents of dermarolling (Angelina Jolie is said to be a fan) say that the advantage over chemical peeling is that it doesn’t remove the epidermis. The needles do cause microscopic punctures; the skin perceives that it has undergone a trauma and it starts to produce collagen. Also, the punctured skin can more readily absorb active ingredients. In this case, a complex of growth factors (formulated in Hungary).

I am pleased to report that the dermarolling was not uncomfortable; it just prickled. Immediately afterwards, my skin felt a little numb, but that quickly subsided to normal. The skin is then cooled. This phase closes the skin’s pores and locks in the serum. The final phase is a soothing mask followed by a little moisturizer.

As with the platinum facial, the immediate effects are impressive. But this I think is mostly to do with the skin being a little swollen (so lines appear to recede). The next day, I looked my normal self, which is to say no better or worse, which was a tad disappointing. But by the third day and fourth day I was actively seeking out my reflection. Although I am still somewhat in two minds about dermarolling, I am impressed with results enough to undergo this treatment again.

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