I am trying out a new eye serum from Stem Organics. I am not ready to give up my current favorite, Ischia Thermae Thermal Eye and Lip Cream, but I do like this serum from Stem. With 80% organic ingredients and a 100% natural, this is one cream that does no evil. It certainly seems to work at firming the under eye area - I need to keep at it for longer to know if it is having any impact on fine lines.

It has an odd - not really unpleasant - kind of mossy, dead wet leaves smell. This may be due to one of the key ingredients being hibiscus esculentus, which is okra seed. This is responsible for the firming effect. There is vitamin C and E. As always there is Stem Organic's signature ingredient, kakadu plum extract (this Aussie tree packs more vitamin C than a truckload of oranges).

Finally, one of things I like about Stem is there is no water. The base ingredient is aloe vera and there is nothing in here that doesn't have some kind of anti-oxidizing effect.