I just finished using a jar of Stemulation Boost Crème ($75). It is designed to be used on the face, neck and décolletage. All I can say is wow! Although this product was designed to be used with its partner, the Stemulation Facial Serum ($135), I got enough of a result to want to make me investigate further what the results would be if I indeed used both the Boost Crème and the serum together. Before I started using the Boost Crème, I visited the Stemulation website and was very, very impressed with the before and after photos. After one year, the ladies in the photos appeared to have an amazing glow and softness in their facial skin… and the wrinkles were significantly reduced.

However, for this trial I would only be testing the Boost Crème for one month, so I wasn’t expecting any spectacular results. Well, you can probably tell that I am leading up to a very positive review. Within the first couple days of using the Boost Crème morning and night, my face was showing a little glow, and this was telling me there was something going on here. As time progressed, my face continued to develop a velvety glow. I can’t say that it lessened the deep wrinkles in the crow’s feet area, but then I had only been using it for one month and without its partner, the serum. I finished the Stemulation Boost Crème (a 15ml jar) in five weeks… and within a few days that glow and softness I experienced were gone. Instead, my skin looked dry and the texture looked harsh. I really want to use the Boost Creme with the Serum so that I can see the power of the duo.

Stemulation Boost Creme | Before/After | Truth In Aging

Would I buy this again? Yes! I am hoping that TIA will bundle the Boost Creme and the serum so I can grab that little discount as each product is quite expensive. It appears it is the serum that actually has the stem cells in it.

Many of the ingredients in the Boost Crème are natural. They include aloe vera (which has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates collagen, and aids in lightening of age spots); oat-derived beta glucan (known to stimulate immune defense, fibroblast growth, and collagen synthesis), lactic acid (which gently exfoliates to increase cellular turnover and improve skin texture and tone); and niacinamide (a vitamin B complex with anti-inflammatory and skin-lightening properties).