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Stemulation Drench Moisturizer Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin
stemulation drench
January 18, 2016 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
TRU Rating
Produces instant results that unfortunately don't last


Instantly hydrates and evens out skin tone


Effects don't last for more than a few hours

Editor's Note: This product has been reforumated and you can read Marta's updated review here.

Stemulation has a new daily moisturizing product called Stemulation Drench ($195 in the shop), a heavy hitter that promises to restore moisture lost by retinol treatments, instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and provide long-lasting hydration. My personal experience was that Drench scores highly on instant gratification, but less on long-term performance.

The instant effect is remarkable. After applying it to my neck, I was immediately struck on how my skin looked instantly more even and felt silky soft. Rubbing it over the backs my hands instantly took away five years. They looked plump and pampered. Unfortunately, this effect did last more than a few hours and the dry skin of my neck and hands did not experience all-day hydration. My face faired better in this respect, but in this case my skin is intrinsically on the oily side.

From the impressive roster of ingredients, I can’t see what gives this instant pumping effect. However, my guess is that the instant wrinkle reduction is due to an opacifying ingredient, sodium potassium aluminum silicate, and titanium dioxide, which can make the skin look whiter.

The main ingredient after water and grape seed oil is pseudoalteromonas exopolysaccharides, a favorite of Stemulation that can be found in its excellent Hi-Impact Serum ($185 in the shop) and a moisture-retaining ingredient that is said to improve collagen production. Moisture retention is also helped by a peptide, palmitoyl hexapeptide-12, and early research suggests that it stablilizes the cells and helps with collagen production.

Another important ingredient that is given prominence is beta glucan. β-glucans are immune cells that ingest and demolish invading pathogens, they also give out a rallying cry to stimulate other immune cells to join in the attack.

An interesting ingredient is extract from the tiger nut plant. It is supposed to work on the papillary dermis, responsible for elasticity. This is just one of many botanical extracts, including goji berry, chokeberry, pomegranate and bilberry. One of them, verbena, I believe accounts for the strong scent (although there is a chemical fragrance as well) that to me is almost overwhelming, but others I tried it out on found perfectly acceptable.

While I did not love Drench (as I do Hi-Impact and Relance — both firm favorites of mine from the Stemulation stable), I feel that my reaction is a personal one. I’d love to hear if anyone has tried Drench and had a more positive experience.

Update 1/19/16: Stemulation reached out to me and said that they've reformulated Drench and made alterations. They believe the finish is much better and hydration is improved. I'm glad to hear Stemulation is continuously improving their products and can't wait to try the new Drench!

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