At the end of last year I was given Stemulation’s newest product to test, a heavy duty moisturizer called Stemulation Drench ($195 in the shop). In my review, published in January, I noted some reservations. Amazingly, the founders of Stemulation (the lovely Laurie Nicoll and Michele Kleker), took their new baby back to the drawing board. They tweaked the formula in response to my feedback and sent me a new version to try out. It is a winner.

My verdict with the first version was that it scored highly on instant gratification, but less on long-term performance. Stemulation has now addressed this and, as well as an instant plumping, I can rely on Drench for all-day hydration. My other quibble had been that I found the scent too strong and this has been dialed back. So kudos to Stemulation for being so responsive. I am now thoroughly enjoying what is proving to be an excellent hydrating serum.

Drench is supposed to quench even skin’s dried out from extended retinol use, so if there are parched skin’s out there, this could be the answer. There are two high-tech hydrators: pseudoalteromonas exopolysaccharides, a moisture-retaining ingredient that is said to improve collagen production and a peptide, palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 that helps moisture retention, stablilizes the cells and helps with collagen production.

Among the great botanicals is extract from the tiger nut plant. It is supposed to work on the papillary dermis, responsible for elasticity. I am particularly pleased that soy has been included. The genus name for soy is actually glycine, one of the amino acids that are in elastin. Research has shown that topical soy extracts boosted elastin fiber. Surprisingly there aren’t that many good formulations with soy, so this also makes Stemulation’s new Drench a standout.