Our Rating: 3 stars

Reviewed by Erica

I am a 44-year-old, fair-skinned woman who has always been obsessive about her face. A good skincare routine and avoiding the sun have paid off. The benefits are especially noticeable when compared to my neglected hands and forearms.

What’s my excuse? It just seems to be too much work. First, my hands are always in use, so I wash them many times a day. That means constantly reapplying creams. Second, I don’t like my hands to feel slimy. That slippery residue of hand cream every time I pick up my coffee cup, the greasy streaks across the screen of my phone. Yuck! Unfortunately, the lack of attention shows.

When I saw TIA was looking for somebody to “Dare to Try” Stemulation Rescue Repair Hand and Body Treatment Crème ($96 in the shop), it was a great opportunity for me. I’d have to commit to using the product as directed for a full month.

I’ve been using Stemulation Rescue Repair on the back of my left hand twice a day for more than five weeks. I’ve continued to neglect my right hand as much as ever so that I can see exactly what change the product makes. Stemulation Rescue Repair is lightweight, absorbs quickly and causes no irritation. It is a beige color and has a shimmery iridescence that gives the skin a glowy, moisturized look. The product appears to be made of high-quality ingredients, though I did not see stem cells on the list. According to the Stemulation website, I could expect to see reduced dryness and discoloration, deep hydration, and tighter, smoother skin.

After four weeks of using the product, the skin on my left hand seems slightly less crepy, the cuticles a bit smoother, and I have a little less redness around my knuckles. While it’s nice to see some improvement, the results don’t seem much more than I’d get with regular use of a moisturizer. At $96 for 1.7 ounces, I hoped to see more dramatic results from Stemulation Rescue Repair.

I intend to continue using the product on both hands as long as my sample lasts, in hope of seeing further results. However, with the limited improvement I have seen so far, I cannot recommend the product.

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