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Sterling Mineral Makeup

January 1, 2009 Reviewed by Marta 9 Comments
Thanks to Julie Kay, my mineral makeup repertoire has expanded to include Sterling Minerals, which are both formulated without any nasties. I also learned something new: not all minerals are equal and it might be a good thing to avoid micronized minerals.

The term micronized refers to particle sizes in the micrometer range. Minerals that are crushed to a fine powder of nano-particles may give flawless coverage, but they may also be a bad idea. Early-stage research indicates that the smallest of nano-scale range particles may be able to cross the blood brain barrier. Having said that, we are surrounded by nano-particles in everyday life and generally suffer no adverse effects and it does seem that more research is needed.

Still if you want to play it safe, Sterling Minerals goes out of its way to use particles that are 5-8 microns. These are too large to do any penetrating, but small enough to give a nice, smooth cover. I also like the fact that Sterling adds in a few things that are actively helpful for the skin, such as soothing allantoin, jojoba seed oil to moisturize and prevent acne flare-ups and kaolin clay to soak up any unwanted oils.

Ingredients in Sterling Mineral Foundation

Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, Boron Nitride, Methicone, Mica, Kaolin Clay, Cold Pressed Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Allantoin, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines.
  • May 1, 2017

    by Darlene

    I loved how the moist method worked and I did like the way it looked. I did everything I am supposed to do. I practiced often. My skin was good, no dry patches, had a facial a week prior. So I had an event to go to, in the day time. So when we went outside I was horrified because my daughter told me my makeup had dots in the pores and she asked me if I was using a new makeup. She said Mom maybe you are not buffing enough. I hardly used any! I did not put powder on top either. I had high expectations after reading the reviews. I also read all the how to tutorials and tips. This just does not work on my 63 year old skin. I do not know why it did not work, but I image it is a lovely product on other skins. I do have larger pores in places so I am guessing that is the reason. Darlene

  • October 17, 2009

    by JulieK

    I so totally agree, Kori! Out of all the mineral foundations I've sampled (plenty, trust me), Sterling is my first and best choice for loose foundation. And they have a "perfect match" for me- Amara- which is such a gift. I love this product line. ~jk

  • October 17, 2009

    by Kori

    I love Sterling Minerals. I have moderate to severe rosacea. I have tried many mineral makeup lines that claim to be good for your skin. Each line made my skin worse. Sterling Minerals has calmed my skin. It has made my skin soft and smooth. The redness in my face is gone. It gives my skin the most beautiful healthy glow. I receive many compliments when I use their products. I have even been told I look younger :)

    Their samples are awesome. I was pleased with how fast they shipped. The samples are the perfect size to try a product before making a commitment. They may seem tiny when you get them but they have PLENTY in them. This way you can pick your proper color. I mix a couple shades to get the right color. Most mineral lines have you mix two shades to get your color correct.

    I also think the eye colors are wonderful. I have not been able to wear eye makeup for years because other products aggrivated my skin terribly. You can even use a little over your cheekbone and add a little bit of sparkle. It is so pretty!

    Try this product. You will not be disappointed!

  • October 13, 2009

    by Katherine@sterlingminerals

    I am very sorry Michelle you did not have a good experience with us. We always make every attempt to assist our customers in anyway we can with what they provide us with. The pictures you sent us were quite dark and difficult to determine skin tone and this is always explained to our customers in every email in regard to accuracy and color perceived due to monitors.

    Also to clarify so to avoid confusion to others, in the cart a zip code was not provided repeated times so postal connection with USPS could not reflect accurate shipping fees. We advised this to you on more than one occasion when you were experiencing this rare problem and another order was attempted with no postal code again until such time as a success occurred. Also you may have us confused with another site since we do not state anywhere that shipping is only $2.00, and we provide a shipping table under shipping and ordering category with the fees clearly visible before proceeding with any order. There is also an option for you to choose uninsured shipping at a reduced rate.

    We realize that shipping fees can be high by today's standards however, we choose to ship everything priority for secure and safest shipping and handling of our customers packages. It is still always the customers option to not carry out the order before entering in their credit card.

    Again, I am sorry you found it frustrating at times in using our cart and since your problem with confusion on entering in your zip code we have recently modified the cart to make it very clear where each section of the address should be entered. We always wish for our cart to be fully functional and easy to understand for everyone including our International Customers who also have struggled with shipping addresses.

    Thank you for your feedback since it was key to rectifying cart issues, and for giving us a try and good luck to you!

    Owner Sterling Minerals Cosmetics

  • September 18, 2009

    by Michelle

    I've tried both the Everyday Minerals samples, and the Sterling Mineral sample. Sterling Minerals is a bit more expensive, and although I wouldn't call it a horrible experience, I didn't have such a great experience with the sample. First, I had issues ordering the sample (which is about $3.50 for a tiny container containting about 5 grams) because I didn't enter the information in the correct "boxes." I guess that's my fault, but I'd have to say it was a bit confusing and inconvenient on their part to have that kind of technical setup. I tried it three times and emailed them back and forth before I was finally able to purchase just a tiny sample! Also, the shipping fees were exorbitant and misleading. At first, the site would show that it's $2 something for shipping, which made sense for something so tiny, but then at checkout, the shipping was nearly $8, which is more than double the amount of the sample purchase! It seemed so ridiculous when I saw the $10 (most of which were shipping fees) sample that was smaller than the size of a quarter, delivered in a bag much bigger than needed for the product size. LOL.
    Also, I chose the Adonia shade after emailing sterling minerals for assistance on what shade I should try. I even sent them pictures, and they weren't as thorough with feedback as Everyday minerals was when I emailed them. I tried the shade, and I'm not sure if it's really fitting for my skintone. However, I've been having some skin issues lately, so I'll give it another try before deciding. I'm leaning a little more towards everyday minerals now, but it seems like Bella Pierre worked the best for me so far. Of course it's the most expensive of the three though.

  • April 13, 2009

    by Kristina

    You can also purchase samples from Sterling Minerals. This is the best way to decide the foundation. I ordered a broad spectrum and shared them with a friend, that worked out well. I am a young adult as well and have had fabulous luck with this line. I know that owner and totally trust her line because of how picky she is with her ingredients. Good Luck!

  • April 1, 2009

    by Junko

    I just received a Free Sample Kit from Everyday Minerals. It's a great way to try their products in some colors of your choosing. There is a nominal shipping charge. I paid $3.13. You choose 3 foundations, 1 concealer & 1 blush.

    When you go to their website, click on KITS, then click on Custom Kits on the grey bar & then you'll see the free kit offer.

  • January 9, 2009

    by Michelle Tang


    I'm sure everyone would appreciate an idea of how Sterling Minerals compares to other mineral make-ups talked about in previous posts. Since Everyday Minerals was listed as #2 out of the top five mineral make-ups on a previous TIA review, I was wondering if you've changed your opinion now that you've tried Sterling Minerals. Also, are the only places to purchase these products online through their websites, because Sterling minerals doesn't allow returns and I would like to test how the shade matches my skintone. Everyday minerals does allow returns. Sterling Minerals' webpage gives me the feeling that their product is aimed more towards a more mature audience, and Everyday Minerals seems to target the younger population. I'm not sure if it matters, though. Oh, and just a tip to anyone who reads this: Sterling minerals and Everyday minerals sells their products for much cheaper than the brand I get at the mall, Bella Pierre ($45 on sale; originally $65)!! I totally feel ripped off now that I've reviewed these websites. Thank you so much for posting these Marta! =]

  • January 1, 2009

    by JulieK

    I'm so pleased Sterling garnered your praise, Marta.

    Another thing I like about Sterling Minerals is how they describe the individual foundation colors and tones; offering lightening/darkening suggestions and telling you where each places within the spectrum of color.

    I found my first perfect match from Sterling, Amara. Even the foundation names are... nice =). ~jk

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