These days make up is increasingly multi-tasking.  They always seem like a good idea, potentially money, time and bother saving. On balance, though, they are the veritable Jack of All Trades that is master of none. Stila's new tinted moisturizer has a SPF 30 sunscreen and antioxidants is very much in that tradition.For a start, I don't like one of the sunscreen ingredients, oxybenzone. A study in the British Medical Journal linked it to cancer and Australian scientists claim it can be absorbed through the skin. Then there's a lot silcone - five different kinds in total. The antioxidant pomegranate is touted as a key ingredient in the marketing blurb, but has been left off the ingredients list. The hotch potch of botanicals that, apart from willow bark (supposed to stimulate cell growth) doesn't make much sense: Burnet root, an astringent; ginger, an irritant that is rarely used topically; cinnamon, another astringent.

The preservatives are a combo that the FDA has warned breastfeeding mothers against using: phenoyethanol and chlorphenesin.