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Stretch marks - a system to reduce them that really works

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Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Sagging Skin
August 15, 2008 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 8 Comments
Ancestors from northern climates have given me fair and very sensitive skin. Accidents, allergies, 19 surgeries and a dare devil lifestyle have left a permanent record. When I first discovered Truth In Aging, I found a way to clear my chronic acne. Delighted at this, I contacted Marta for her input regarding treatment of severe scarring, stretch marks and uneven pigmentation. She suggested Skin Biology and I followed her good advice.

LacSal Cream, TriReduction and SuperCop 2X were recommended by Dr Pickart of Skin Biology. The LacSal exfoliates chemically, but with lactic and salicylic acids. TriReduction is fantastic and is used whilst working up to the SuperCop 2X. I think the most effective ingredient must be the copper peptides in the SuperCop 2X (I am not a scientist or a doctor and this is all based on my opinions and results).

I started using the LacSal Cream daily. It is strong and you have to ease into it very slowly. The first few weeks were rough; I was too eager and overdid it (ouch), but once my skin calmed I used it quite sparingly.

The next improvement came with using Squalane Oil and Emu Oil to soften and emulsify the skin. I prefer to use pure oils. At first, I mixed the SuperCop 2X with the oils; only recently have I been able to put the SuperCop 2X directly on my skin. Within two weeks, the light spots and uneven pigmentation diminished by at least 50%.

It was when I reached the stage of being able to handle the pure SuperCop 2X that I noticed the change in my stretch marks.

After many trials, I have found a combination and process that has made noticeable changes. I use a round, rubber cellulite massager in the shower to increase circulation and a cellulite cream called Revitol (which contains capsicum and caffiene). You can't get lazy and skip treatments if you truly want results. The old damaged skin comes off and the regeneration of new cells seems to thrive on stimulation of the circulation.

Meanwhile, the oils softened my skin and seemed to replace the lipids that our bodies stop producing as early as our 20s and 30s. I cannot stress enough the importance of lipid replacement. That was really my turning point.... I then started to use the TriReduction Protect & Restore and, eventually, reached my current stage of being able to use full-strength SuperCop 2X.

I still swear that the first morning after applying the SuperCop 2X there was a visible change. My skin glowed. It looked so great, I didn't feel like hiding under make up. I have spent so much money on make up not knowing there was another option. (It also decreases aging signs and wrinkles).

I am still in the 'process', due to my bountiful scarring, and will be for a year or two. I strongly encourage you to visit Skin Biology. Dr Pickart is brilliant, fantastically generous and and has created an entire area on his website for people to address problems. He is passionate about researching and helping people; he is most certainly changing my life and healing my body.

Treat your body as well as you treat your face - with that mentality, I found answers. Marta, thank you for your compassion, thank you for listening.

Ingredients in LacSal Cream

Purified water, lactic acid (8.5%), glyceryl stearate,PEG-100 stearate, ethylhexyl palmitate, squalane, carthamus tinctoriusseed (safflower) oil, cetyl alcohol, salicylic acid (1.5%), stearic acid,PPG-2 myristyl ether propionate, polysorbate 20, allantoin, propyleneglycol, retinyl palmitate, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea,mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocopherols, mixed (alpha, beta,gamma, delta) tocotrienols, ubiquinone (CoQ-10), xanthophyll (lutein),and lycopene.

Ingredients in TriReduction

Purified water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera) gel, copper peptides (hydrolyzed soy protein and cupric chloride), squalane, ethylhexyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, PPG-2 myristyl ether propionate, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, cupric chloride, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, polysorbate 80, allantoin, propylene glycol, retinyl palmitate, lavandula augustifolia (lavender) oil, menthol, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, tocophersolan (Vitamin E), fragrance, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocopherols, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocotrienols, xanthophyll (lutein), lycopene, ubiquinone (CoQ-10).

Ingredients in SuperCop 2X

Purified water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera) gel, copper peptides (hydrolyzed soy protein and cupric chloride), squalane, ethylhexyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, cupric chloride, carthamus tinctorius seed (safflower) oil, cetyl alcohol, PPG-2 myristyl ether propionate, stearic acid, salicylic acid, glycine, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, allantoin,propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, propylene glycol, tocophersolan (Vitamin E), fragrance, retinyl palmitate, menthol, camphor, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocopherols, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocotrienols, ubiquinone (CoQ-10).
  • August 17, 2008

    by sherryl connelly

    <p>I feel somewhat mislead. Truth in Aging didn't suggest there was a extensive regimen. And when I called the source, it wasn't made clear that a total program was involved either.<br />
    I would like to hear from clients who have followed the program for some time. If they would report on their experience it would be useful. Thank you</p>

  • August 16, 2008

    by marta

    <p>Mike is right. As he says "you have to have the material to perform the repair". You can't just dab on SC2X, it has to be used in conjuction with something that is removing the dead cells, making way for SC2X to do the repair. And once a week with Christian Dior is not going to hack it. Here's what Dr Pickart says on the Skin Biology site:</p>

    <p>"We listen to our clients (whose information is available on our forum at: and some have suggested the following order: Serums, Gels, Biological Oils, Creams, then Sunscreen. This is just a suggestion, but we have also stated that at the outset try the Exfol Serum/Cream applied in the morning and then whichever product of Copper-Peptides best suited for your skin in the evening. In between (with sufficient interval time between applications so that the products can penetrate) Emu Oil-S or Squalane can be used or Protect & Restore Body Lotions or Creams."</p>

    <p>I have had good results with copper peptides on a deep wrinkle and on hair. But its a process and you have to follow it pretty methodically.</p>

    <p>Finally, I absolutely would not use SC2X around the sensitive eye area. Dr P has an eye cream called CP Night Eyes. </p>

  • August 16, 2008

    by jennifer


    <p>I used to have pretty bad stretch marks and red scars around my belly region ever since I gave birth to my three kids.I had tried Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter which a number of people had recommended but unfortunately it didn't seem to work too well. My Doctor had even suggested that I go for a Tummy Tuck. I then recently read an article about a lady who supposedly got rid of her stretch marks using a particular cream. I tried it and it worked really well. It took a number of weeks but my stretch marks soon faded away. You can read the lady's article at the link below.</p>

    <p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>

  • August 16, 2008

    by Mike626

    <p>The only other thing that comes to mind is to make sure that you are providing nutrition to your skin when using copper peptides. It is my understanding that the peptides are a signaling molecule to the skin to repair, but they have to have material to perform the repair. Are you using products with nutritive amino acids, Vitamins A, B, C, E?</p>

    <p>It might also be that you are not producing enough collagen. C & E can help with that. (MAP rather than Ascorbic Acid) So can products with the following actives: niacinamide, glucosamine, betulinic acid, green tea EGCG.</p>

    <p>I'm not using copper peptides on my face, but do use them in my scalp to promote healthy hair as well as hair growth, but again, it is just a signaling molecule. I use it in conjunction with a KGF serum that provides nutrition. I can't speak to the hair growth (at 3 weeks in) but my hair sure looks a lot healthier than it did.</p>

  • August 16, 2008

    by sherryl connelly

    <p>I use it in the evening after I wash my face with a mild cleanser. I exfoliate once a week with a Christian Dior product. I do not use an absorbic acid product.<br />
    I use it on my face for fine lines at the corner of my mouth. Not the deep parenthesis. My smile has produced a crinkle effect on the lower left side.<br />
    I do use it on deep eye wrinkles, but didn't expect results there. At least not without a year's treatment, and then only a mild result. But I judge its effects overall by changes on the least affected area of my face. There has been no change.</p>

  • August 15, 2008

    by Mike626

    <p>Also, if you are using copper peptides with ascorbic acid, the effectiveness of the peptides is reduced. If you want to keep the ascorbic acid in your regimen, it needs to be only in the morning or only in the evening with the peptides at the opposite time.</p>

    <p>(<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p>

  • August 15, 2008

    by marta

    <p>Would you mind offering up a bit more detail? Why are you using it on your face? Are you using it with an exfoliator? (I believe that its meant to be used in combination with something that behaves like a glycolic acid).</p>

  • August 15, 2008

    by sherryl connelly

    <p>I've used supercop 2X on my face now for 4 months and see no difference</p>

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