Reviewed by Emily

Most skin care products contain so many fillers that it is hard to discern what ingredients are actually beneficial to skin—the silicones, fragrances, and useless additives get in the way of the good stuff. So it was refreshing to test the remarkably straightforward Striking Multi-Peptide Serum with SmartPeptides. Made by bio-pharmaceutical firm Helix BioMedix, the product is all business: every ingredient works in tandem to deliver the potent peptides directly to your skin.

Peptides are one of the anti-aging ingredients that show the most promise in improving skin. A peptide is an amino acid chain that delivers messages to skin cells, encouraging them to perform certain activities that they stop doing as we grow older: producing collagen, inhibiting muscle contraction—the actions that lead to smooth, youthful skin.

Helix BioMedix holds the patent on 80 peptides, which the company puts in products no just for anti-aging, but also for acne, wound healing, and the treatment of skin fungus. The peptides used in this serum are their proprietary Hexapeptide-7 and Hexapeptide-14, which support skin renewal, boosts collagen production and improves firmness.

The product absorbed extremely quickly into my skin—it wasn’t creamy or greasy, and it left absolutely zero residue. It felt almost like I was putting on a prescription-only lotion, rather than smoothing a cosmetic on my face. And right away I felt a difference because my skin felt instantly refreshed and smoother. I liked it immediately.

After a week of continuous use, I felt a huge change in the surface of my face. The peptides worked: my skin looked firmer, the fine lines were smaller, and the wrinkles were less noticeable. Using this no-nonsense serum felt like a leap forward from the usual throng of silicone and/or chemical-enhanced anti-aging products. I'll report back in a few weeks to let you know if this good start is sustained.


Water, propanediol, pentylene glycol, trehalose, thermos ferment, palmaria palmate extract, glycerin, palmitoyl, hexapeptide-14, hexapeptide-7, phospholipids, sodium acrylates/C10-30, alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, ammonium accrylates/acrylonitrogens copolymer, disodium edta, potassium sorbate